Valentine's day should be celebrated with one thing in mind: love. You love your naturally curly, wavy, and coily hair--and we do, too! But what does your significant other think of that fabulous texture of yours? 

Even if you don't have a significant other, it's always interesting to know what others around you are thinking when they come in contact with you.

In this amazingly adorable video recently posted by DevaCurl, one bashful sandwich maker recalls his regular encounters with a customer who has thick, curly hair. "There's a girl who comes to my work a lot now, with curly hair. I've been trying to talk to her for weeks. There's not a lot of words between us, but she kinda does the googly eyes thing with me, and I look at her--then she orders a weird sandwich. Someday, I'll talk to her. "

One woman proclaims her love for the way curly girls' hair smells, and how it's much better than those with straight hair. She even breaks out into a dance because the smells are just that good.

A buff wavy haired man also professes his obsession with naturally curly women--and a tactic for meeting singles in the area. "When I see a girl with curly hair walking down the street, my immediate thought is, How do I get to know her? Is she on Tinder?"

One man enjoys getting his fingers caught in the crown of her curls. And another lists curly hair as the top attribute a woman could have. "You have curly hair, that's the sexiest thing. Number 1, awesome hair!"

Even the husband of our very own naturally curly contributor Rochelle (DiscoCurls) admits that her head of hair attracted him to her more after she went natural. "When we first met, she actually had straight hair. When she had her naturally curly hair, it's like I fell in love with her all over again. I just think that naturally curly hair is beautiful."

Another man says, "Natural beauty is the way to go. Just do you, booboo."

On Valentine's Day, the men in this video encourage you to avoid straightening your hair or altering your curls. They love your unique head of hair the way it is! And we do, too.