Dating tips for your—and your hair.

As a resident single New Yorker, curly girl and dating expert, here are my top dating tips for other curly women trying to navigate the singles scene.

1. Tress To Kill. Ignore the dating advice of Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger about spending a lot of money for a first date blow-out. Instead, wear your hair curly. But here’s the key: don’t just wear it curly—make sure your curly tresses are looking their best. You can achieve this by applying product properly on damp hair, diffusing or air drying, and if needed, going back in with a curling rod and/or some anti-frizz pomade. 2. Be Approachable. The great news is that curly girls have a tendency to appear carefree, bubbly and fun in general. To enhance this, smile when trying to catch the eye of a potential suitor. Body language is also key for appearing approachable. Be aware of how you are sitting. You don’t want to have your arms crossed and appear closed off or guarded. 3. Keep Them Guessing. One of the great things about being a curly girl is versatility. Almost all men have a fantasy of being with a different girl every night. So if you played it curly on your first date, mix it up and keep them guessing. Go wavy on date two and remember to rock your curls in various fun styles. Messy buns are super sexy and easy to achieve. Remember, with curly hair you have lots of options, so stay true to yourself but have fun!

Don't forget to always carry a small bottle of hair product with you.

4. The Art Of The Curl Twirl. Here’s a little-known flirting tip, which works especially well for curlies. Whether short or long, use your hair to your advantage. Simply twirl a strand of hair while making direct eye contact with your target. This is a great flirting tactic for getting noticed. 5. Get Physical. Despite occasionally touching your curls to flirt, you don’t want to touch your hair too frequently due to nerves, which could cause your curls to lose shape and frizz, not to mention could appear neurotic to your suitor. Body contact is also a great way to flirt. Once you’ve got his/her attention, if you like the person and think it’s mutual, go ahead and try to break the “touch barrier.” Touch his or her arm gently as you talk, perhaps a nonchalant brush of your hand on the leg. Women can get a way with a lot more in this realm than men, so go for it! 6. Be Prepared. Always keep a curl rejuvenating spray in your purse. A lot of brands make small travel sizes just for this purpose. You never know when frizz will strike, and frizz on a first date, or any date for that matter, is far from ideal. Simply excuse yourself and do a bathroom mirror check. If you have frizz, spritz the area, scrunch and you’re good to go. If it’s beyond that and you’re dealing with the aftermath of major humidity, more drastic curl control measures may be in order. Make sure you have an elastic hair tie with you so you can put your hair up in a bun or ponytail to keep it from getting too big and out-of-control. 7. The Morning After. If you sleep over, you're probably more focused on things other than your hair. The last thing you want to do is bust out your hair beauty routine checklist and ruin the mood early in the relationship. Guys love confidence in a woman, so relax. After all, the beauty of curls is that they often look better the next day and you might even work that "just rolled out of bed" mascara-smeared, vixen magic on your man. However, if you have somewhere to be the next morning, or have especially tricky curls, try sleeping with a high ponytail so you wake up with some extra oomph in your curl. Or, if you're really sly, wait until he falls off to sleep and wrap your hair in a silk scarf before bed, then stealthily remove the wrap before he awakens. Trust me on this one. When you wake up in the morning for the first time with your new beau and your hair looks perfectly kempt and frizz-free, you’ll thank me.