There are a lot of products on the market that claim to cleanse your curly hair and your scalp. Navigating all of the different shampoos available - and choosing one that actually suits your needs - can cause a headache for most naturals. Shampoo bars are a popular alternative to the hundreds of liquid shampoo options you could choose from - but are bars better? We answer your pressing questions about bar shampoo below...

Soaps and Shampoo

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What is a Shampoo Bar?

While 95% of the shampoos available are in liquid form, these shampoos come in bar form - not unlike a bar of soap. This solid-form cleanser does everything a liquid shampoo can do - cleanse, add volume and sheen, protect, add moisture - but requires less complex packaging (an environmental win!) and claims to be void of those harsh chemicals that most liquid alternatives are full of. More on that later.

How do I use a Shampoo Bar?

For many people, there is clearly an adjustment period to the idea of using bar form over the traditionally used liquid. It can feel super awkward at first to rub a bar of soap on your head and through your curls. Since it can feel a little strange to rub a bar all over your scalp, most people choose to lather the bar shampoo in their hands and then massage their scalp and strands. While this might feel more tedious at first, we waste less product this way - a major perk, since bar shampoo lasts longer than the bottled alternative as well!

Is bar shampoo better than liquid?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Many curly girls who try bar shampoo return to their liquid faves but shampoo bars are making waves in the curly community and across the board because of a few key benefits:

  • Easy travel. No liquid limitations in your carry on - take solids instead!
  • Space saving. Bulky pump-top bottles take up valuable shelf space - bars won't!
  • Money saving. Because you get more washes out of a bar than you will out of a bottle at the same price, you buy shampoo less often, and you save a few bucks. WIN!
  • Fewer harsh chemicals. This is dependent on the brand you buy (of liquid OR of bar shampoo) but in general, a solid-form requires less additives like Soidum Lauryl Sulfate or Ammonium. These ingredients strip your hair of moisture.

What are the drawbacks to Shampoo Bars?

Largely, women who try the bar complain that it takes longer to wash their hair and scalp than it would with liquid shampoo. Also, a waxy buildup can occur from some bars - a problem that's easily fixed with an apple cider vinegar rinse. Some women would rather skip that step!

Where can I find a Shampoo Bar to try?

If you're interested in giving shampoo bars a try, we recommend the OBIA Naturals Coconut Shea Shampoo Bar or this Shampoo and Body Bar by MYHoneyChild.

If you decide to try out the Shampoo Bar, let us know how it worked out for you in the comments!