Moving to New York City can make you feel like you got on a roller coaster and never got off.

I love it.

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However, as a self-proclaimed person obsessed with all things mind, body and soul, I can admit that there is something wildly challenging about maintaining 'perfect' hair and skin in this city.

The ironic thing is that New Yorkers have an abundance of resources right at their fingertips, all within walking distance no matter which borough or neighborhood they reside. Here in my quaint corner of busy Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I am still discovering new local skincare brands and boutiques every day. And while it is truly fascinating, it also somewhat overwhelming as I am still on the hunt to find just the right match of what helps my hair and skin thrive given their recent climate and environmental changes. Right now, here is what I know so far about my personal hair and skincare routine.

I need to take vitamin D now.

Who would've thought that all of the walking and being outdoors -- and my obsession with prolonging getting fine lines for as long as I can -- meant that my doctor would have to prescribe me vitamin D supplements? While it's not super health-alarming (a vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common), I am finding some common ground for wanting to give my body the proper amount of nutrients it needs no matter how vain I have become. After all, hair loss is linked to not having enough vitamin D in the system. I haven't had much luck with hair and skin vitamins before, but now might not be a bad time to try one for the sake of maintaining overall health.

I require products with heavier moisturizers.

Although I am usually good about maintaining a healthy daily water intake, it's just not possible to stay on top of it with constant moving around. Since we all know that drinking water is directly correlated to healthy cell production in the skin, the need for moisture retention in my body, hair and skin is greater than ever.

I like to keep mine supple all day by ensuring my hand and body lotions and facial moisturizers containing thicker ingredients like to last for hours without worrying about frequent reapplication. For the past few months in New York City I have been using a lot of hemp seed oil lotion as it is known to soothe extreme dryness (it's even great for those with eczema). I also love castor oil in my curl refresher to add life back to dull, thirsty curls without much manipulation. Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil is also great post shower for replenishing thirsty skin.

I've had to shampoo more often.

The germaphobe in me never went away just because I relocated to probably one of the dirtiest places in the nation. I also shower often, but I just make sure to offset the occurence of dry skin and scalp with more moisture and deep conditioning treatments. SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Marfura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque contains two powerhouse ingredients: shea butter and manuka honey for ultimate hydration in hair that has been through the trenches in the toxic New York City atmosphere. In fear for having a flaky, itchy scalp, I have been using a curl refresher with a carrier and essential oil blend in between wash days. I also make sure to never scratch, no matter how big the urge is -- causing an open wound which can lead to an infection isn't a good idea.

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