Styling time: about 10-20 minutes

When you want your hair frizz-free and defined for a special occasion; refresh your style and add volume with this quick routine for natural-looking, loose spiral curls. These will last longest if you have some natural wave or curl in your hair.

Buy some plastic smoothie straws (also called “bubble tea straws”). Mist a section of hair lightly with water if it already has styling products in it, or mist with spray gel. Make sure the section is smooth and tangle-free and place the top of the straw near the roots. Wrap the section of hair smoothly around the straw without twisting the hair. Place a clip or bobby pin at each end. Cut the straws if they are too long. Do this to sections all around the top layer of hair. Diffuse the hair until mostly dry on low heat. Allow to cool, unclip and slide the straws down and out. Shake your head, fluff the curls or give them a shot of cool air with your diffuser to soften the ringlets.