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Does packing give you anxiety about how your hair will adapt to a new climate? Due to that fact that most curls NEED moisture daily and especially in hotter places, you will need to travel with some of your staples in order for your hair to look its best the whole trip.

Traveling would always cause me some unease in regards to my hair. For curlies we can’t always just up and go, depending on where you are traveling to, finding hair products that will cater to your needs can be a struggle.

I recently traveled to Miami, Florida where the weather was hot and humid pretty much every day! Holidays that take you to the beach, where your hair is bound to dry out from the constant beating sun and salty water, can give any curly girl anxiety pre-trip.

However, there are some ways to prepare for a trip that will help maintain your hair’s health and keep your frizz and moisture worries at bay. Below are some ways you can salvage your hair whilst traveling the world!

1. De-pot your products

To save you the nuisance of having to pay for an overweight suitcase (thanks to your hair products, and of course, clothes”>, I like to bring my favorite products and just put them in smaller bottles.

You can do this by purchasing the empty travel sized bottles and tubs available from most beauty supply/pharmacy/travel stores.

Simply transfer your favorite hair and even beauty products into the smaller packaging. You’ll hardly ever use a full sized product within a week or 2, so save yourself the weight and waste. Just make sure to label or separate them (you wouldn’t want to use a shampoo as your shower gel!”>.

2. Bring samples

If de-potting sounds like a little too much work for you, you can check if your favorite products offer samples or travel sized versions of their products that will last you for your travels. On most flights you are able to bring liquids on board that are under a certain weight and size (most commonly 3 ounces or less”>. Here are a few curly brands that offer travel sizes:

I like to bring an edge control (these are usually already packaged in small tubs”> and hair gel (transferred myself into a smaller tub”> along with lip balm and whatever else you may need to get into easily post-flight. This saves you space and weight for bigger items in your main suitcase.

5. Avoid spills

We have to be extra careful with when packing products to prevent spillage all over your clothes (yes this has happened to me!”>.

I usually bring a jar of coconut oil with me on holiday as an all-purpose body moisturizer/hair oil/sun protector/makeup remover, but the last thing you need is to open your suitcase and find oil all over your clothes.

I tape the lids of my products shut, cover them with paper towels (this will soak up the product if it does leak”> and then tape the paper to seal it together. Lastly, as an extra pre-caution I place the product in a clear Ziploc bag, so if it leaks the bag will contain the spillage.

6. Prevent dryness

While traveling you may not have as much time to do your full washday routine. I personally found that I had to wash my hair more than my regular once a week routine due to pool water, sand, and dryness!

As we know shampoo can cause some dryness, I highly recommend deep conditioning, even if it’s just for 5-10 minutes during your shower. In addition, I would recommend that you do this at least every 2-3 days, depending on your vacation activities; this will make it easier for you to maintain your curls throughout your travels and makes the detangling process much easier!

Co-washing will also be your best friend whilst traveling; it’s quick, easy and effective for refreshing your curls. Co-washing can also be done daily depending on your hair’s needs.

Make sure you bring some gel or edge control and scalp oil to maintain any dryness that does occur.

7. Bring your scarf or pillowcase

Protecting your hair with a satin pillowcase/scarf at night is also ESSENTIAL, as this will help to retain the moisture through out the night and keep your hair from rubbing against itself of a harsher bedding material. I would advise that you either braid your hair up in order to retain moisture and softness, in addition to keeping it detangled, or putting your curls up in a pineapple style.


8. Wear braids or twists

Going on a holiday is meant to be a break right? If you want to make it as easy for yourself as possible, consider applying braids or twists. This is probably your best bet for traveling, as your hair is out of the way there will be no need for detangling or re-styling daily!

9. Rock a headscarf

Rocking a stylish headscarf is also an easy, quick and stylish way to keep your hair tucked away and moisturized. Plus it’s a great look for those all those travel pictures you’ll be taking!

These tips should help in making your next journey a fun and anxiety free for you, your travel partners and your curls!

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