Curly haired looking out to sea

I’m a Florida baby. Before I moved to Illinois last year, I never even saw snow fall from the sky! EVER. Imagine my shock, confusion and utter surprise when I experienced my first northern winter and my hair freaked out. I couldn’t figure out what was going on with my hair! Not only was my hair perpetually dry no matter what I tried, but I was experiencing apocalyptic size dandruff flakes, even with daily scalp oiling! I headed back to Florida for Thanksgiving and my fabulous, healthy hair returned almost immediately! That’s when I realized that the hot, muggy, moist air weather that I had been belly aching about for as long as I could remember was my hair’s salvation!

Here’s the thing about Florida’s humidity: It sucks…terribly. You can take the longest shower of your life, wash your hair until it squeaks, put on your freshest outfit directly out of the dryer and still feel absolutely sweaty and stank as soon as you step out of the door. As soon as the hot, moist, air hits you, your clothes will immediately cling to your body like Saran Wrap to a glass bowl. Not sexy. Oh, and if you have leather car seats, sitting down in a skirt or shorts is NEVER pleasant in 90 plus degree weather.

However, humidity can be what separates good hair days from bad ones for me. The words humidity and hair in the same sentence can make some dolls cringe, but I find that when I layer my hair with a water based product, seal with an oil and then finish with a glycerin laden product like Juices and Berries from Oyin, my hair looks it’s best! After researching which product may be helping me maintain moisture, I found out that the glycerin in Juices and Berries works as a sort of atmospheric vacuum, sucking moisture out of the humid air and into my thirsty hair! I can never turn down a product that makes my chronically dry hair moist and happy!

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