By: Jennifer Kenny, The Curl Girl 

Florida living — wear a hat, simple as that. Unfortunately, it’s SO not as simple as that. Sun + Heat + Sweat + Hat can equal hat-head of disastrous proportions for sure. But for those events that require long stints in the sun, you’re doing your curls (not to mention your face”> a favor by shielding them as much as possible from the drying, color-fading, burning rays. Covering your curls to protect them is in no way a form of accepting defeat and “throwing on a hat” — it’s simply another way to be fabulous while protecting your assets.

Summer Hats

The Fedora style hat has been a big hit lately and translates nicely into a summer go-to. It looks especially adorable with aviator sunglasses for the “just arrived at LAX” look, or with Wayfarers for the “I’m too effortlessly cool to even deal with” look.

If you’ve never been “the hat type,” stop telling yourself that. Seriously. A wide brimmed floppy hat can look cute on almost anyone and when paired with big sunglasses, you’ll get great extra shade for your curls AND face and achieve a pulled together look with very little effort.

Hot Lips

Don’t underestimate the power of statement-making lip color like a classic red. My favorite is Lancome’s Red Stiletto, a blue based red that leans towards the pink reds, or Mac’s Russian Red, which has a coppery undertone”> or a go-anywhere bronze-nude (Yves St. Laurent Pur Shine Natural Pink 24, Nars Turkish Delight or The Multiple in Laguna”>, which can also be used on cheeks and eyelids to complete this look and you’ll be out the door in record time and ready to look hot while you’re, well, actually really hot.

Facial Mists

Keep a refreshing facial mist on hand to cool you off and keep that dewy glow? Do the same thing for your curls! Keep a travel size bottle of Ouidad’s Botanical Boost, Sun Shield, or your own mixture like DevaCurl One Condition milk and refresh and rehydrate throughout the day. I advise clients to keep a small cooler bag (the size of a purse-friendly cosmetic bag”> with the above sprays and their lipstick/gloss and store in the fridge when at home.

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