By: Jennifer Kenny, The Curl Girl 

Summers usually mean swimming pools, a thought that can send even the most collected, rational curly into nail-biting bundle of nerves. When I’m educating a client who’s new to embracing their natural texture, I try to offer simple summer hair care tips that will help protect curls from sun, beach and pool centered activities — a year round necessity in Florida!

One simple tip that can seriously downgrade the drying effects caused by chlorine-laden dips is what I describe to my clients as The Wet Sponge Theory. Wet your curls with tap water and scrunch conditioner into your curls before entering the water.

With your curls full of water and nourishing conditioner, they will absorb significantly less of the pool water. If you are going to wear your hair up in pineapple fashion, spritz a generous amount of Ouidad Sun Shield or leave-in of your choice onto your ponytail and below it.

After exiting the water, it’s time for some R&R — rinse and re-apply conditioner to your curls between dips or spritz them with Ouidad’s Sun Shield Spray. It contains UV filters to help protect your hair color, as well as conditioning agents to shield it during outdoor play.

Have you sent in your RSVP for the Curly Pool Party? Don’t miss out on this curl-tas-tic event!



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