Curly Pool Party

I'm so excited about the Curly Pool Party! I've never been to a pool party before that catered to fellow naturalista's (usually the two don't mix). This will be our first time being a part of such an event. I'm so thrilled! I'm looking forward to meeting other fellow natural hair bloggers, communing with fierce curlies and the experiencing the overall vibe of fun, relaxation and great weather (I swear if a drop falls from the sky, I'll be sheltering in the nearest cabana).

But wherever there's a cluster of gorgeous natural haired divas discussing different products and curly textures and sharing hair journeys, I'm 100 percent confident that I'll feel right at home! It never fails — every time I go to any kind of natural hair meet and greet or hair function, I always leave with new knowledge about hair care tips and how to treat and maintain my own tresses. I also love to a share tips as well as trial and error stories of my own. So everyone goes home happy!

We're greatly honored that we've been chosen to be a part of the texture squad, or that we're even being acknowledged in the natural hair community. Last time we went to Curly Nikki's meet up in Orlando last year, Taneica cried (tears of joy) because we ran into a few of our loyal readers who actually recognized us. To be quite honest, it was almost like finally meeting a pen pal or something because some of the log in names actually sounded familiar. We try to remain as close knit to our readers as we possibly can. That's very important to us. So whenever we see our readers at these types of gatherings, it's kind of like when you run into one of your long lost home girls that you haven't seen in ages, and now that you've found each other again, you're talking about swapping hair products and doing lunch! I'm looking forward to the same circumstances taking place at the pool party tomorrow.

When Taneica and I first started Shatterproof Glass Dolls, we had hopes of educating men and women on maintaining, loving, accepting and restoring the natural beauty and texture of their curls. That was our main focus (followed of course by fashion, health and female empowerment). So to be asked by NaturallyCurly, one of three most influential beauty blogs since 2009, to help participate in such an honorable event is beyond words! Man, you'd think I was talking about the Hair Oscars or something! But it's a great privilege, and we look forward to taking part in this fabulous affair that's going to be filled with fierceness, fellowship and beautiful natural curls. See you all there, Dolls! Keep up with us via Twitter #curlypool.

It’s still not too late to send in your RSVP for the Curly Pool Party! You won't want to miss this curl-tas-tic event!