Meet Christina Butcher, founder of the hairstyling website Hair Romance.

A braided hairband from Christina Butcher's book
Braided headband: detailed how-to instructions below.

Did you think there would be a massive following or that it could ever get this big?

Never! It’s a complete surprise and I absolutely love it. Hair Romance was my little side project that has taken over everything else and I couldn’t be happier. Who would have guessed there would be 5 million visits to my site in just over a year? I love talking about hair, and this opportunity to keep doing it is fantastic. I want every woman to love her hair and have fun styling it.

Tell us about your social media involvement – specifically with Pinterest. Has the Pinterest movement really helped you as far as notoriety and helping other women with ideas and tutorials?

I’m a visual person, and Pinterest and Instagram are my favorite social media platforms. Pinterest is a huge source of traffic for Hair Romance. I started using Pinterest quite early on, and I share my images, as well as other hair images. I keep my Pinterest page quite focused on hair, so it’s a great place to check if you’re looking for hair inspiration.

You recently launched a digital book, “30 Days of Twist and Pin Hairstyles.” A lot. if not most, of the styles are on straight hair. Do you think that straight hair is more versatile as far as styling, or can these styles also be done on curly hair? 

I had to do a lot of styles for the book and with my hair. It was more predictable to style and photograph with straight hair to produce a similar result. My hair is naturally curly, but I blow-dried it straight before styling the looks for the book.

All my hairstyles can easily be done in curly hair. In fact, curly hair since it holds up styles really well. Curls can even make the styles more interesting.

Do you plan on releasing more digital books in the future? 

I’m working on my second book, "30 Braids in 30 Days" which will be out later in 2012. Braids are a huge trend, and I have some great new ways to wear them in my book, as well as tips for braiding your own hair.

You’ve been featured in Vogue Australia and a number of other publications. What are your views on how major fashion publications see textured/curly hair? 

After a long run of super straight hair in fashion, I’m seeing a lot more texture in hair now. I’d even say perms are back as straight girls try to get the curls.

Any particular trends in hairstyles that we should know about for this year?

Texture is huge at the moment. Messy hair styled with hair powders and sea salt sprays looks gorgeous. The pixie cut is still popular for those that love short hair, and a long textured bob is perfect for those in between.

Could you give us a how-to break down for a signature curly style that is outside the box, as far as typical curly styles go? 

I really believe curly hairstyles don’t need to be complicated. There’s already so much going on with curls, a couple of simple twists to pin your hair off your face and a jeweled accessory looks fabulous.

"If you’ve found your passion you should definitely follow it, but there’s a lot of planning that also has to happen to make it sustainable. I’ve worked tirelessly over the last 18 months to be able to make this full time, but I still work on other projects too."

  1. Simple side ponytail: Loosely gather all your hair to your left side. Take a small section of hair behind your left ear and wrap it around to create a hair band. Pin in place underneath. I teased the ponytail section to make it a little bigger, and pulled some hair loose to create a softer finish.
  2. Braided headband: Starting above your right ear take a section of hair and split into three. Braid together, but going underneath so that the braid sits on top (a reverse or Dutch braid). Keep braiding, following your hairline and adding in hair to the front sections only. Then gently pull at the braid to volumize it and even the shape. I haven’t secured this at all, just left the ends to go back into the rest of my curls. This style wouldn’t hold in straight hair, but works perfectly in curly hair. It’s also great for keeping your bangs off your face.

Do you have any tips or tricks for women with naturally curly hair as far as styling, fighting frizz, etc?

Fighting frizz starts with how you wash your hair. Pick a good moisturizing shampoo and apply conditioner to the ends of your hair. Some women with curly hair can skip the shampoo all together. Give your hair a rinse with cold water at the end.

Don’t rub your hair with a towel to dry it, just squeeze it gently. Then apply a leave in conditioner or oil to the ends to seal them.

Don’t play with your hair. Once you’ve styled it, leave it alone as it will frizz the more you touch it.

Do you have any advice for women looking to go natural? 

Find a good hairdresser and get a good haircut. You need the right shape for your curls to sit well. Ask your friends, or a good-looking stranger where they get their hair done if you don’t know a good salon.

What about following your passion and embracing what you're good at, which is very much what you have done? Do you have any advice for women thinking about taking the plunge?

If you’ve found your passion, you should definitely follow it, but there’s a lot of planning that also has to happen to make it sustainable. I’ve worked tirelessly over the last 18 months to be able to make this full time, but I still work on other projects too, such as freelance writing and social media consulting in addition to Hair Romance.

You need to have a business plan and work out your cash flow before you quit your full time job. Having a plan in place and goals means you can still enjoy your passion and keep your focus to succeed and build a sustainable business.

Anything else you would like to add?

Life can be serious, but hair doesn’t need to be. Have fun with your hair!

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