Jeannell Darden, CEO and owner of Moisture Love, figured she would base her company on what curly girls need -- lots of lush, hydrating, and conditioning ingredients. And honestly, what head of curly hair doesn’t love moisture? Let’s take a look behind the brand, Moisture Love.

I've always had a passion for beauty and entrepreneurship; with my mom being a cosmetologist and my dad being a minister and real estate developer, it was in my blood.

Growing up as the oldest of 4 kids, I had a lot of chores; one [of them was] to ensure that I did mine and my sister's hair before church on Sundays. At first I hated it, then I learned to love it and decided that I, too, wanted to be a cosmetologist. But I would own a salon.

In high school just 2 weeks after my mom relaxed my hair, I colored it and it broke off. It continued to do so well into my college career. After about 3 years of fighting with broken hair, I decided it was time to release the vanities that I had with my beauty, so I cut it off and embraced my curls.

It was a real struggle to find products back in 2005, so I decided to create my own.

Moisture Love is an evolution of my first brand, Coco Curls. My focus was and always has been moisture and healthy hair. A few years into that brand as the market was changing we realized the industry needed something more than just natural products. It had become an over-saturated market, and consumers are searching for more.

I discovered that curly women had 2 main problems: finding products with the right amount of moisture and learning to love themselves and their hair for what it is.

I wanted my brand to be the resource that helps women confidently embrace their curls, and we aim to do that by solving those primary problems through education and amazing products that deliver. Hence the name Moisture Love, and I call that #ahigherlove!

I used my education [as a Georgia Tech Engineer] and industry expertise to formulate a proprietary Hydralure Technology (TM) that infuses hydration into the hair on a cellular level for deeper long lasting moisture penetration. This technology is present in all of our liquid-based products.

While the industry is geared toward co-washes and butters, I want people to think of their moisture process different.

[This line] works amazing on all hair types. We've recently garnered a lot of praise from women with the tightest textures that rave about how our collection adds an impeccable amount of hydration. My technology infuses hydration on a cellular level and it starts when you're shampooing because that is when your cuticles are the most open. The Gentle Embrace Hydration Shampoo slips hydration under the cuticle while they are open. This is the first layer of hydration and it builds with the Deep Indulgence Replenishing Conditioner, Kindred Spirits Moisture and Style Cream is all sealed in with the Seal with a Kiss Finishing Oil. 

I go out of my way to source the highest quality products. Having natural or plant based products is void, if the ingredients are of poor quality. I test every ingredient before using it in production and if it's not right we scrap it! Think of your hair products like your food. When you're preparing a special dish that you want to be a show stopper, you make sure everything is fresh and the best quality you can find. The same goes for your ingredients.

Want to see growth in your curls? Jeannell says it’s all about the love you are giving your hair.

Here are 3 of her top tips:

  • Embrace your own texture, don't try to manipulate your hair to be like your friends or your favorite blogger. When you show love, you sow love, and when you sow love, love grows. FYI: my dad, Vinson Baker, Sr. wrote this for me!
  • Moisture is important, but so is protein don't avoid it. Your hair needs the protein to build strength and structure, this aids in preventing breakage.
  • Cleanse your scalp and your hair. Build up is not your friend. It may appear like it's growing but it will eventually begin to break, which is the antithesis to growth retention.

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