"Texture on the Runway" was a phenomenal experience. I expected the production to be nothing short of amazing, but the show exceeded all my expectations. I expected to see multiple textures on the runway from kinky hair, to curly, wavy and multi textured hair. That was exactly what I saw — and more.

The show was broken out into segments by different salons and their interpretation of texture on the runway. Hair Rules was inspired by the 70’s and 80’s diva glam style. Think Diana Ross (who ROCKED it at the Grammy's!).

Dickey did a fabulous job at creating a special style for each of the models to really showcase their hair on the runway.

Miradi Color, Matrix Family and Curls Unleashed all did a fantastic job of portraying multiple textures on the runway. I saw straight hair, teased and crimped for a bigger effect. I thought that was genius!

Needless to say this event was original and absolutely exceptional! Taren and Michelle did a spectacular job of hosting the event and keeping the audience involved in the showcase.

After the event we kept the party going with lots of conversations and Whitney Houston singing/dance tributes. Thank you to the Texture Media and NaturallyCurly team for allowing me to be apart of this event! I truly believe that this is just the beginning of seeing texture on the runway. Let us continue to celebrate our kinks, curls and coils in the most fashionable way possible!

Texture on the Runway Slideshow