As a fashion-obsessed natural, I couldn’t be more excited about "Texture on the Runway" and all the amazing festivities that will be taking place next week. I’ve been attending New York Fashion Week now for about six seasons – rushing in and out of the tents to cover shows for my job as an editor as well as my blog, and, of course, people-watching outside the tents to see what looks people were sporting.

When I first started attending the shows, it was a miracle if you found fashion-forward women marching around the tents and on the runways sporting big curly ‘fros. The predominant look and the epitome of “chic” was bone straight hair. Any sign of a curl or frizz was frowned upon. And if you couldn’t pull your hair up into a sleek chignon or a top knot, you didn’t belong front row at a show.

So like the many other fashionistas under the tents, I sported my straight strands. It wasn’t until I big chopped in November 2010 that I started to wear my curls out and about. My first fashion week as a natural was February 2011 for the F/W 2011 collections. And during this fashion week, me and my curls (and my half-wig named Shirley!) were featured on the front page of VOGUE Black in their street style recap. Definitely one of the defining moments of my blogging life!

As the years have passed, kinky-curly hair has become so much more accepted and has been embraced by the fashion community as something that’s beautiful. Curls & kinks make a statement! Isn’t that funny? When we wear the texture that naturally grows out of our heads, we’re making a statement. We’re suddenly "en vogue." Trendy. As crazy as it sounds, it’s a reality. Luckily for us, this isn’t a trend. Natural hair and the embracing of texture as a sign of beauty, is here to stay.

It’s amazing to see the transformation that’s occurring in all parts of our society, not just the fashion industry. More and more corporate offices, for example, are grasping the concept of naturally curly hair and understanding that it doesn’t signal unprofessionalism. The entertainment industry is embracing it, as we see more and more public figures, from models to singers to news anchors, doing the big chop. Greater acceptance of kinky-curly hair is everywhere and I’m proud to say that I can embrace my natural hair texture and express my individuality while still being considered fashion-forward.

And for this reason, I am dancing in my seat just thinking about "Texture on the Runway" and what it means for us natural girls. I can’t wait to see some of my favorite hair companies, some of the flyest models, and some of my fellow online influencers come together to celebrate natural hair and fashion under one roof. Stay tuned as we’ll be bringing you the tea live from the runway. And this is just the beginning!