You Won’t Want to Miss Texture On the Runway at Essence Festival 2023

This summer marks the 50th anniversary of the birth of hip hop – and NaturallyCurly will be celebrating it in style at Essence Festival 2023. Of course the music and the fashion transformed culture as we know it, but we’re here to talk about the hair (naturally). For the first time, NaturallyCurly’s must-see event Texture On the Runway will take the stage at Essence Festival of Culture 2023 to pay homage to the iconic hairstyles of hip hop.

What is Texture On the Runway?

Texture On the Runway is a runway show that “puts texture front and center — to let the hair dictate the fashion rather than the other way around” says NaturallyCurly Founder Michelle Breyer. NaturallyCurly started presenting Texture On the Runway during New York Fashion Week as a way to bring naturally textured hair representation to a space that historically straightened and manipulated models’ hair before sending them down the runway. “Texture on the Runway is unique from other events in that it allows hair to dictate fashion and highlights the diversity of hair textures and styles in a bold way” says Linda Voracek, Group Vice President of Merchandising for Sally Beauty. 

You Won’t Want to Miss Texture On the Runway at Essence Festival 2023

Texture On the Runway at Essence Festival 2023

Now, Texture On the Runway is taking on Essence Festival. The 2023 runway show will be hosted by Mielle Organics Founder Monique Rodriguez and NaturallyCurly Editor Cristina Cleveland, and accompanied by a classical hip hop string piece from Neutral Ground Orchestra. “Texture On the Runway is a unique and innovative event that puts textured hair and multicultural beauty center stage on the runway” says Rodriguez. “It represents more than fashion, it represents pushing the culture forward.”

Celebrity stylist Tater Pazon will be honoring the iconic hip hop hairstyles of Salt N Pepa, Mary J Blige, Lil Kim, Erykah Badu, Missy Elliot, Nicki Minaji and Cardi B.  “I am extremely excited  I was chosen to recreate looks of the most iconic females in HIP HOP” says Pazon, “especially because I’ve had the chance to work with a  few of them personally like Mia X and Megan Thee Stallion.” You don’t want to miss the creativity heading down this runway. “This year,” shares host Monique Rodriguez, “I’m most excited to see the expression of art and creativity through the different hairstyles.”

You Won’t Want to Miss Texture On the Runway at Essence Festival 2023

Watch Texture On the Runway at Essence Fest by heading to BeautyCon at the convention center on Saturday, July 1, 2023 at 3:20pm. Then say hello to the NaturallyCurly team at our booth, the Curly Experience, also at BeautyCon. We’ll be giving away products, offering expert consultations and styling touch ups by Swella Beauty, and everything you need to look and feel your best at festival. See you there!

You Won’t Want to Miss Texture On the Runway at Essence Festival 2023

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