Texture Tales Anita Shares Her Tips for Rocking a Bomb TWA

How would you best describe your hair?

Naturally Coily

What is your hair type?


What was it like for you growing up with textured hair?

I absolutely hated wash and press every weekend. My hair is very thick with tight coils. It has since been trained to be more manageable, however, I have the TWA still seeking an easy cute, carefree style.

What made you decide to embrace your naturally coily hair?

I’ve had the desire to do it for years, but it wasn’t as popular and I never learned how to properly take care of my hair in it’s [sic] natural state. I go to the gym often and I love the sauna so getting my hair done was counter productive. When I was natural, my mom was doing my hair, so I’m clueless in managing the texture I was blessed with.

How have your family, friends and co-workers reacted? What was your response to them?

Everyone wants to touch it like it’s something on display or foreign. Only those that have experience with being natural seem to understand.

How did you transition to wearing your natural texture?

The big chop!!! Then I wore lots of two strand twists and twist outs. I actually went to a natural stylist because I was too impatient to see any of the methods I found on-line.

Texture Tales Anita Shares Her Tips for Rocking a Bomb TWA

What is your current hair regimen?

Wash at least twice a week using the LOC method daily. It’s still short so there’s not a lot for me to do with it.

Are there any techniques or methods that have made a big impact on the way your hair looks?

Color has the biggest impact on my hair. It brings out my skin tone and highlights my eye color really well. I also be certain to take biotin or hair vitamins to maintain the health of my hair, skin and nails.

Any advice you’d like to give other women who may be in the transition phase or need some encouragement in their hair journey?

It’s not the easiest task depending on your length and texture but it’s well worth the journey to finding your true self. Happy, healthy, natural hair.

What’s your hair story? We’d love to share your story here to be featured in our Texture Tales series.



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