Texture Tales Ashley Shares the CG Advice to Embrace Your Curls

What was it like for you growing up with textured hair?

I hated my curls growing up, no one knew what to do with them and it was just a frizzy mess all the time. Then I met the straightener..

What made you decide to embrace your naturally curly hair?

After loosing all my curls to heat damage I was deviated and began researching transitioning and how to take care of my curls. Of course the natural hair movement came on the scene right on time.

What has been the most empowering moment of your natural hair journey so far?

The most empowering moment was logging on to IG and scrolling down my feed and seeing a bunch of beautiful curly kinky coiled women that looked like me for once.

How do you protect your curls at night?

Big pineapple at the top of my head with a silk scarf.

Texture Tales Ashley Shares the CG Advice to Embrace Your Curls


Who is your curl crush?

Giofilipinohair on IG! He’s the closest I’ve found to my hair type if it was at it’s healthiest. 

What’s your curly girl essential you can’t live without?

LEAVE IN CONDITIONER and my wet brush— game changers.

What is your current hair regimen? Any favorite products you’d like to share?

Rinse and massage my scalp, lots of leave in conditioner and Cantu Curl Activator and gel, wrap in a T-shirt and let air dry for maybe 4-5 hours. Then, diffuse on med-low heat (cool if I’m not in a hurry”> throw on some edge control with a tooth brush and I’m all set!

What has been the most challenging moment of your natural hair journey so far?

Straightening my hair for the first time after 4 years and seeing all the damage and straight pieces after I washed.

Texture Tales Ashley Shares the CG Advice to Embrace Your Curls

Are there any techniques or methods that have made a huge impact on your hair health?

Braids and protective styles. When I feel my hair is trying to get out of line I throw it in 1-2 French braids and leave it in for a few times so my hair can remember it’s curl pattern. 

What’s your advice to women who are still struggling with loving their natural texture?

Curls are beautiful. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE is envious of naturally textured hair. It’s so versatile and defies gravity. Love the crown you were blessed with and show the world your melanin magic!

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