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Image by: @curlysisterhood

What is your hair type? 


What has been the most empowering moment of your natural hair journey so far? Most challenging? 

After a year of not straightening my hair, I had the opportunity to go to the dry bar and get a blowout. I was nervous to see my hair straight, and when I did, I realized I loved my curls even more. It didn’t last long for me to wash my hair and go back to my curls. It felt so amazing to love my natural hair to a point that I felt uncomfortable wearing it any other way. My most challenging moment was the beginning. I was afraid of the big chop, so I opted to cut my hair little by little. That awkward stage made me almost give up. However, I’m glad I embraced my transitioning curls as well.

How do you prefer to protect your curls at night, bonnet, scarf or satin pillowcase?

I love to use a satin scrunchie for my pineapple and a scarf around it. I also use a pillowcase! I’m satin everything when I go to sleep.

Who is your curl crush? 

My curl crush would have to be my sister Nicol. She was my inspiration for going natural and will always be my ultimate curl crush.

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What's your curly girl essential?

I need a pick in my purse, my bathroom, and my car! I love volume.

Do you prefer to shampoo or co-wash?

I like both. I try to elongate my wash and go as much as possible so I need a shampoo after a week. If I have time I co-wash in between.

What is your current hair regimen? Any favorite products you’d like to share? 

I love hydrating shampoo and conditioners like the Mane Choice. My favorite styling cream would have to be Verb’s curl cream and I love to pair it with Ouidad’s climate control gel.

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