What was it like for you growing up with textured hair?

We can recall our mom combing and blow drying our hair and then putting it in twists or braids. We were very tender headed as kids and always cried. Also, based on the hairstyles our mom gave us... we remember a kid calling us Snoop Dog.

What made you decide to embrace your naturally curly hair?

We were not a fan of the smell of heat on our hair. We didn’t like dealing with two textures due to the chemicals or heat damage. We were inspired to embrace our natural hair by the different natural hair youtubers and the natural hair movement!

What has been the most empowering moment of your natural hair journey so far?

The most empowering moment of our natural hair journey so far is as models we get to represent women of color showcasing their natural hair. We say this because when we take photos we embrace our Afros and people notice it and love it. It feels great when mothers comment or when they see us and mention that we inspire them and their daughters to appreciate their natural hair and to always embrace it! It’s not enough of us being showcased on tv or magazines so we want to be an example that our natural hair is beautiful and should be accepted and seen in today’s society!

How do you protect your curls at night?

Moisturize by adding water and a little leave in conditioner. Sometimes we put it in twists or in a pineapple.

Who is your curl crush?

Naptural85. She has similar hair texture as us. She’s very educational and informative on natural hair products, hairstyles and taking care your natural hair.


What's your curly girl essential you can't live without?

We always make sure to have a pick when we need to comb through our fro. Oh, also can’t forget to make sure to have a spray bottle.

What is your current hair regimen? Any favorite products you’d like to share?

Honestly, we don’t have a regimen. We just make sure to not use too many different products or to put too much products in our hair. Less is always better. On wash days we deep condition. Our favorite products we like to use are from Creme of Nature including the Argan Oil Leave-in Conditioner and the Pure Honey Twisting Cream. From SheaMoisture we love the 100% Coconut Milk Leave-in Conditioner  , Curl Enhancing Smoothie and the Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque.

What has been the most challenging moment of your natural hair journey so far?

Having a perm and dealing with heat damage.


Are there any techniques or methods that have made a huge impact on your hair health?

Simply by not doing the most to our hair annd allowing it to breath. We feel it's important to use hair products that feel good on our hair or we have good results. November 7, 2018 we received the MonaCut Experience and it was amazing! She colored our hair black and got it shaped, it was much needed! 

What's your advice to women who are still struggling with loving their natural texture?

DELCIA: All textured hair is beautiful! Women with natural hair should love and embrace your crown. Get inspired and watch YouTube videos if needed or flip through hair magazines. Chat with other naturals just so you could build your confidence and self-love for your own crown.
ALIA: Remember why you started your natural hair journey. Talk to other natural hair ladies. Attend natural hair events. Most importantly, remember that this is your God given hair. Be proud of it and embrace it, it’s yours!

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