As an Editor at NaturallyCurly I am constantly speaking to women about their hair, whether it’s at an industry event, shopping in the hair care aisle or chatting with an Uber driver, one of the most common phrases I hear from women is “my curls can’t do that.”

Read any comment thread on Instagram and you’ll find it there too, “she has pretty curls, her hair can do that, but mine can’t.”

At this year’s Texture On the Runway in New York City, Garnier Fructis took to the runway with a message for curly women: My Curls CAN.

“My Curls CAN is an inspiration to celebrate your strength, your curls and your ability to bounce and shine in a sea of straight hair,” Tommy Buckett, Garnier’s head stylist for the event told me backstage. “The power of Curls CAN unites curly girls everywhere, reminding us that our curls are as unique as we are, and together we can inspire each other, educate each other and laugh at the demanding needs and unpredictability of curly hair.”

Buckett brought this inspiration to life on the runway by highlighting texture in its most natural form on each of his 5 models. You will almost never find a model on a runway at Fashion Week whose hair (and most likely extensions) have not been manipulated and heat styled beyond recognition. Instead Buckett chose to break with conformity, “because of the range of products in Garnier's new curl collection we were able to create a range of looks from beautiful natural waves to tight bouncy curls. Again – the idea is to not manipulate or alter each model’s natural curl so they all look the same. Instead, I worked to embrace each individual curl to create the most flattering style for each girl.” As Buckett explained this to me he was cutting and carving into a model’s long, Type 2c waves and curls, bringing shape and life to each individual ringlet. He then moved on to style blogger Rene Daniella’s Type 3c wash and go, who received a loud cheer from the crowd when she took to the runway later that night.


If you are a curly girl you have likely grown used to the idea that the hairstyles at Fashion Week are not relevant to what’s happening in your bathroom during your morning styling routine. But Garnier’s collection at Textured On the Runway absolutely applies to you, no matter what your texture is. Buckett says every curly girl should “embrace your natural texture instead of fighting it. Don’t try to be something you’re not – inevitably it will look forced. Anyone with curly hair knows this to be true. Look at your natural curl and texture, your face shape and your individual style – and create your hair look to fit you. Forget about ‘standards of beauty.’ These don’t exist. We all know that true beauty starts with confidence – so embrace your look and enhance it.”

If you’re still struggling to find confidence in your curls or are new to learning about caring for curls, Garnier recently launched a new curl collection to bring sulfate free curl products that are accessible for everyone, “usually we’d have to go to the salon and get them and they’d come at a higher price point, so we’re really excited about launching a mass brand of products and now everyone can be educated on how to properly care for curly hair.”

Whether you’re mastering the fine art of second day curls or working on maintaining moisture for your coils, Garnier’s new collection will help you with your hair goals. Because “when your curls are strong, frizz-free and defined, you feel like the best version of yourself: confident and empowered.”