For Curls Unleashed by Organic Root Stimulator, the theme is “Curls, Coils, Kinks…Unleashed” inspired by the mantra, “Nature got it right the first time.”  Textured hair has a uniqueness that is an inspiration in itself. The curls and coils do some amazing things when manipulated in the right way, using the right products. We plan to use the hair as a tool for self-setting, adding shape and definition to the locks. We’ll use a Tousled Twist technique at “Texture on the Runway” to achieve an array of looks with an assortment of hair types to show the naturlista that versatility is obtainable no matter how tight her curl. Stylistically, we’ll be “going back to nature” and natural trends in hair as the core influence.

Director of Education Dr. Reginald Mitchell sees the new natural movement as a part of a retro fashion and lifestyle trend. The classic, quality fashions with a multi-cultural flavor are what we see this spring. Fashion usually drives hairstyle. The return of Halston, the emergence of Tribal Influence, the genius of organic and sustainable fabrics are similar, classic, multi-cultural and environmental-friendly trends. In hair, we showcase texture trends — from wavy to curly, coily to kinky — that adorn the retro trends in a way that is sublime. The biggest hair trend now amongst women of color is the “naturalista movement.” The hair-obsessed realize that, just as classics had it right, in hair, “nature got it right the first time!” Naturalistas are sporting attainable, but highly artistic and self-expressive styles and fashions of the past. Of course, to be current, there is a neo-natural twist, making what’s old new again.”

Sr. Educator Willie Malone describes this hybrid, classic and naturalista style inspiration as “Neo-Bohemian.” Malone expresses that the time period is 60s-revisited, but different. As Dr. Reggie put it, “the hair and fashion-obsessed are our market, except, it’s not a politically-charged power thing, but an inner-beauty unleashed, power thing. The moment these beauties embrace their natural curls and kinks is a redefining moment in their self-acceptance.”

Hair Cocktails

Hair texture is as individual and diverse as the women of color are around the globe.

A major concern for those with wavy hair (2s and some 3s”> is eliminating frizz without weighting down the hair. No Boundaries Leave In Conditioner should be a staple product for those with this problem. Apply to wet hair and follow by scrunching in a moderate amount of Let it Flow Mousse and dry using a diffuser. Avoid using fingers to manipulate wavy hair as this commonly causes frizzing. Instead use the tail of a comb to position hair into place while drying.

Those with very dense curly hair (3Cs”> look to add definition and control to eliminate some volume. Cocktailing Take Command Curl Crème along with Set it Off Curl Boosting Jelly will give the right amount of shine and a “crunchless” curl to die for.

Our beautiful ladies with type 4 hair desire to maintain the proper moisture level, soften and add definitions and shine to their tresses. Take Command Curl Crème is perfect for coiling and twisting hair. Revitalize these looks the next day and the day after with Second Chance Curl Refresher for a fresh look without having to start all over each day.

Check out these styles plus so much more at TextureOnTheRunway.com.



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