Guest post by Arrojo:

If you’ve got naturally curly or wavy hair and would love some lush, healthy curls without the frizz natural curls can create, here’s your answer, step-by-step, from the professionals at Arrojo themselves!

  1. Product, product, product! Use enough of the right product at the right time with the right technique and I guarantee you’ll create beautiful curls and eliminate frizz. The product locks your curls together and helps you create what we call a “wet set.”
  2. If your hair is fine, use a Arrojo volume foam first, and then a curl crème or leave-in conditioner.
  3. If your hair is medium to thick, use hair gel or styling crème first, followed by defrizz serum.
  4. Apply your first product, working in from the underneath up, from roots to ends. Again a dime-sized dollop should do; just make sure to start at the roots and work through to the tip, distributing evenly as you go.
  5. Apply your second product in exactly the same way as the first, from roots to ends, distributing evenly as you go.
  6. Now comb evenly and gently with a wide-tooth comb. This will undo any knots in your hair and further aid the even distribution of the products, ensuring your curls get their maximum performance benefits.
  7. Once you have evenly distributed the two products, use your fingers to squeeze each and every section of your hair. This will encourage a natural curl formation. It’s best to lean over, letting your hair fall 90 degrees to the ground while squeezing gently with the fingers. This isn’t done as if you were squeezing a stress ball. Rather cup the curl in your hand and gently squeeze and push the curl back into itself with no pressure at the root. Don’t be temped to freely run your fingers through your hair — this only disturbs the curls you’ve created and induces frizz. Just remember, cup and squeeze, cup and squeeze, cup and squeeze.
  8. Once done, leave alone for 15 minutes and then squeeze again using exactly the same technique. Repeat this process until dry. If you have to run out the door, not to worry, it’s a myth that you shouldn’t leave the house with wet hair. You can still squeeze hair in the car, on the train, or anywhere else for that matter — the results will still be the same, although it might be better to do it with your head upright, instead of facing downwards as recommended in step 7!
  9. Once dry you will most likely find your curls set in a slightly crisp curl formation. This is normal and nothing to worry about. You can now use your fingers to tussle out and ruffle your roots to develop the softer, looser curls you’re after. To do this, place fingertips gently into your roots and massage, using just the very tips of your fingertips in short strokes. Just don’t disturb the ends by raking your fingers all over your hair. Again this will disturb the curl formation you’ve worked to create, inducing frizz in the process. Remember, there are about 500 hairs to every curl and the idea is to keep those 500 hairs locked together for brilliant curly definition – carelessly running your fingers through your hair is guaranteed to pull those beautiful curls apart.
  10. Don’t worry about your curls being even, they’re not supposed to be; curls are as individual as you or I, and are meant to fall imperfectly. Learn to enjoy this newfound freedom and uniqueness. For added definition and hold, you can lightly spritz with a holding spray. This will help to lock in your curls throughout the day.
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