Runway model with curly hair

TODAY is the day, curlies! Today, for the first time EVER, our curls, kinks and waves will be featured in a New York Fashion Week show all their own! No more slick straight ponys or long “Barbie” hair. Today marks the day that textured hair makes a comeback – and one to be remembered!

Today is the day that we change the conversation about textured hair. No longer is it acceptable to assume that the only version of beautiful hair is straight and slick. No longer is it OK to discriminate against people, especially in the workplace, for their natural hair. No, natural hair is just as natural as skin color, eye color, nose shape – what have you – and just as beautiful and acceptable as any other type of hair.

Today is the day that the conversation starts to change. The Texture Revolution that began years ago has taken off thanks to YouTube and blogging platforms. What 10 years ago would seem like a silly idea for a blog, a magazine or a TV show is today all the rage, and pulls in more than a million people to a niche industry that really isn’t all that niche. Wavy, curly and kinky hair blesses the scalps of 60 percent of the world’s population, and we think it is about time that the hair care industry, and society as a whole, reflects that.

Of course, we can’t change the conversation alone. We need the help of every natural hair woman and man out there. Help us change the conversation and get the attention of the leaders in the industry and media by heading over to the “Texture on the Runway” site and using the #texturerunway hashtag. Tell us what you think, ask questions and your advice, tips and concerns may very well be displayed to an audience featuring Good Morning America, MTV, TLC, Essence and many other leaders in the media and natural hair industries.

As in any community, we curlies are stronger when we stand together. Let’s do this. Let’s make this an event to remember. Let’s make this the day we tell our curly kids about – the day that things changed and natural hair stopped being a niche and became the norm.

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