Whether it’s a chop, color, or starting a Curly Girl Method journey, changes to our hair allow for spontaneous self-expression and the thrill of a new beginning.Here, we have the 15 most significant curly hair transformations we’ve seen. From Deva Cuts to just a trim, you’ll see what a little TLC can do for curly girls. Let us know if any of these beautiful before and afters inspire yours!

*Editor’s note: In this article we reference the Texture Typing system to describe their curl patterns. If you aren’t familiar with what Type 2c or Type 4a means, check out our guide to understanding curl pattern.

Shai Amiel Before After Curly haircutNo one does a curly hair transformation quite like Shai Amiel. He worked with this client for a year to deal with her heat damage, and he says @_justerin has “been really good to her hair keeping it healthy, curly & gets it trimmed every 3 months.” Don’t skip those regular trims ladies, they can be a game changer! Before you book your next trip to California, check to see if Shai has an appointment available at Capella Salon

Sunita V

Let’s take a second to appreciate @Sunitav_’s Type 3C curls after going natural. Leaving behind the heat and damage of straightening amplified the volume and definitely gave her that extra wow factor. @DevaCurl took note, you should too!


This entrepreneurial curly is all over the internet right now, and rightfully so! Without bleach or heat, NaturallyCurly contributor @stylefeen is rocking the Type 3b/3c curls. Whether she is promoting her clothing brand, giving us her curly hair tips and favorite products, or blogging about her adventures in NY, Hortencia is a true inspiration for anyone wanting to embrace their curls and make a brand out of them!

Deva Cut Before After Curly

Karen always wore her hair in a bun, and had no idea how beautiful her curls really were, or that they even existed. All she needed was to get rid of the dead ends and give them some TLC- tender, loving, conditioning.@Curlfactor’s Santa Barbara studio is making magic happen!

Before After Curly Transformation

Talk about the power of the Curly Girl Method! @frizzfreesavannah started her one-year journey by finding a curly hair studio in her area that introduced her to the Curly Girl Method. No sulfates, no heat, no frizz. If you want to start your journey and need inspiration on how to manage your curly, natural hair, check out her YouTube video!

Natural hair transition to curly

It’s easy to miss how over time, straightening your hair gradually reduces the definition of the curls – until you spend three years repairing that damage. It may seem overwhelming to start this process at a “point of no return,” but with patience and help from articles and visits to a stylist, there is always a return! @everydaymotivate says “That first full year was the big change of getting rid of the dead hair and learning how to care for these baby curls popping up everywhere. By 2015 I thought my hair was healed and that it wouldn’t change anymore, but another year has passed and it’s still transforming.” For this transformation she “laid off the shampoo and used a CoWash every other week instead, got a Deva Cut and did regular trimmings, and learned patience.”

natural hair growth journey

Two years of healthy grow for this Type 4a beauty! Moisturizing well and avoiding heat shows a marked difference on every curl pattern. @hvirluv’s hair looks healthy and her highlights accentuate her curls, rather than giving them a dry appearance.

Shai Amiel Before After Curly haircut transformation

A curly hair transformation does not necessarily have to take months or even years. Shai Amiel transformed this healthy head of curls with a single haircut. If you have been putting off your haircut for fear of losing length, you could be missing out on a flattering shape and all of this curl definition.

Curly man transformation

We may call it the Curly Girl Method, but let’s not discredit these amazing locks! A Deva Cut for a devadude that is killing it. @d_isfor_deva’s salon is located in the heart of the Las Vegas strip, specializing in cut and color for curlies. If you or your man friend want to unleash your natural curls in Vegas, stop in!

Curly pixie haircut

Chop Chop! Pixie cuts are definitely NOT just for straight hair, accentuating these Type 2c/3a curls better than ever!! @Evanjosephsalon was named in Elle’s Top 100 Salons and we can definitely see why. This cut brought style and edginess to her curls, without a long journey or extensive treatment.

curly hair heat damage haircut

Bye Bye damaged ends! From consistent heat exposure to natural, this Deva Cut and conditioning worked some serious magic! @karla_bar doesn’t specifically work with curlies, but when she does we can see the added definition and bounce to the curls. If you’d like to revamp and renourish your curls and live in the San Mateo area , make an appointment with her at Salon Kavi!

curly hair transition with highlights

What’s the point of adding beautiful color if your locks aren’t healthy enough to show it? Now, we can truly appreciate the face framing hi lights with the healthy, revived curls! @hif3licia is the co-owner of FAD boutique, mommy to beautiful curly Aubrie, and still prioritized her healthy hair journey. Looking for a guide through yours? Check out her YouTube video on how she saved her curls!

male curly hair inspiration

We expect hair stylists to work magic on other people, but this kind of magic on themselves? Huge shoutout to @nigelkindrick for taking his first Deva Curl class to better cut and style our curly community… it obviously worked. Go visit him at Karma Salon in Missouri to get your curls to their maximum potential!

wavy hair transformation - curly girl method

The hype of the Curly Girl Method is proving to be justified. @helloRachaelryan went the no shampoo, no sulfate route and her curls became so much more defined in just 3 months. We can’t imagine how beautifully curly you’ll be 3 months from now.

before after curly kid haircut

This cutie won @uptowncurl curly kid contest and we love to see curly kiddos enjoying their curls. Uptown Curl has a passion for helping girls develop an appreciation for their curls early on. If you or your loved ones, no matter how young or old, are in the Minneapolis area and want to embrace their natural curls to see their full potential, schedule an appointment now!