None of us, especially curly girls, are exempt from getting split ends. We tend to suffer from them (perhaps, more) due to the nature of our curls being naturally dry and fragile. Our hair's natural oils often do not make it down to the ends of the hair because of our curl pattern. While it is still important to get regular trims when we notice this, here are a few hairstyles that can disguise the split ends.

#1: Ninja bun

This style is so easy and is great for hiding your ends. As you twist them around the bun, they become tucked away. This is also considered an effective protective style.

Begin with a high ponytail.

Apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner to your ends.

Twist into a bun on the top of your head. 

#2: Low side bun

This style is very simple, neat and versatile.

Secure your hair in a low side ponytail, twist it around itself into a bun and wrap around with a hairband.

#3: Two-strand twisted updo

Create 2 two-strand twists or French braids on either side of your hair.

Apply leave-in conditioner generously to the end of the twists.

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