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On the journey to natural hair glory, one of the few difficulties is finding effective styles while transitioning.

Styling while transitioning can be a challenge; blending multiple textures in hair seamlessly requires lots of great technique and patience. It's a tedious and sometimes discouraging task to find styles that blend both your newly natural curls and your older processed hair. Here are the 3 major keys to blending multiple textures...because, I want you to be successful.

  1. Braid-out

Braid-outs are a great option for blending the many textures of transitioning hair because throughout the braid each bend and curve is exactly the same. One of the keys to a successful blending with a braid-out is using a product that will moisturize the entire section well and provide a lasting hold. Another key to a successful braid-out while working with multiple textures is to create smaller sections for each braid; this gives more definition and will have a higher chance of lasting in humidity. Smaller sections adhere to better to the cast of a gel, too.

  1. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are another great style for blending multiple textures for a couple of reasons. Because bantu knots are wound tightly around themselves, a tight, smooth curl is created consistently throughout the section of hair. The tight knot allows new growth to stretch completely to blend with the looser texture or straight processed ends. When it comes to bantu knots and blending textures, sections that are too small can take away from the blending of the style. Tiny sections can cause the result to be non uniform in texture (which could cause each texture to react differently to the environment's humidity levels).

  1. Flexi Rod Set

The luxurious results of a successful flexi rod set is at the top of many aspiring naturalistas lists of things to execute. A flexi rod set is a good method for blending textures because the tension used to stretch the new growth helps create a uniform texture to match the processed ends. The beauty of using flexi rods on hair with multiple textures is that there are many different styles that can be achieved. No matter which size flexi rod, a sleek curl with the best technique used can help blend the multiple textures of transitioning hair.

What styling methods do you use to blend your multiple textures while transitioning?

Remember, the most important parts of blending multiple textures is smoothing the hair down from root to tip, using taut tension so that the hair strands can mimic the bends implemented by the braid, bantu knot, or flexi rod.