One of the most rewarding parts of embarking on a natural hair journey is getting see your unique curl pattern take shape. This also comes with some annoyances.
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We are here to show you that does not have to be so. These three annoyances might be the most common that come with embracing your naturally wavy and curly hair.

A cowlick

I was incredibly unlucky to have a cowlick directly in the middle of my forehead as a child, still attempting to wear bangs. They didn’t agree.

A cowlick is often found at the crown of the head but can also be found in the front or back of your head but can appear really wherever. When you have a cowlick and curly hair, the best way to deal with it is by styling your hair while it is wet. Finger curl your hair where your cowlick forms as this can help produce a curl that will look the same as the rest of your curls.

If yours forms right in the front of your head, more control at the roots may be what you need, too. I have found that duckbill clips can help alleviate a cowlick. Letting your hair air dry or using a blow drier should give you the same results with the exception that you may get a little more volume when blow drying. So, let your bangs down and fight the cowlick.

Two hair textures

Many curlies complain of having one curl type on their canopy and a totally different one on the lower layer.

This happens because either some of your hair is damaged and also, simply one size fits all doesn't work when categorizing your hair type (although it can be a helpful point of reference for styling). Blend them together to create the illusion of one texture with CurlFormers.

Another option is to create large loose braids at night and take down the next morning for even definition throughout your entire head. If your hair is on the wavier side, finger curling with a medium or hard hold gel can give you defined ringlets for days--no heat required.

If you rock a wash and go often, metal prong clips will elongate the uneven textures. Apply them to hair that is drying to remove some of your shrinkage.

Wispy baby hairs

The little hairs that frame your face can be frustrating to deal with on a day that you want to pull your hair back into a sleek ponytail.

If you plan on wearing your hair down, grab an unused toothbrush and spritz some hairspray on it. If you prefer a softer look, go apply a light curl cream and dab each strand with your finger to go into place. If your frizz needs a harder hold, dab a bit of gel or edge control to keep the baby hairs exactly where you want them throughout the day.

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