How many times have you heard “I want my hair to look like yours” only to get the side eye when you explain to them that you are relaxer free? Their face completely deflates and they are immediately defeated. As if it’s the world’s best kept secret. So many women think they simply can’t do it or they think the only way to go natural is to do the big chop. “I don’t want to cut all my hair off.” You don’t have to cut it all off, you tell them. You can transition. Easier said than done, I know. I was a two time transitioner and the first time after 8 months I was done. It was too much for me and I simply wasn’t ready. Round two was equally as rough, however, I stuck it out that time. So it got me to thinking, what kept me in the game? What was different this time? Why didn’t I give up? Once the process has begun, these are the things I kept in mind.

1. Positive results are ahead.

When you can envision a positive outcome, it’s much easier to withstand tough times. Think about it. If you KNOW 100% that something awesome is in your future, doesn’t that motivate you?

2. Starting over.

You’ll have to start all over again, thus negating all the progress you’ve made thus far. Remember that everything is temporary and the struggles of transitioning will be a thing of the past. You won’t know that until you go through it though.

3. You’ll never get to see what all the hype is about.

It may sound silly but sometimes you just want to be “in on it”. You hear all of these proclamations about how it’s such a great thing to be natural, why not see for yourself?

4. It’s an obtainable goal.

Many have done it in the past and many more will do it in the future, so there’s no reason why you can’t be one of those people who accomplish it as well.

If you transitioned, how did you maintain your sanity?

This post was written by Tammy Goodson of CurlyChics for CurlyNikki. Find Tammy at her blog,Curlychics, on Twitter, and Facebook. Sharing hairstories and life experiences from a curl’s perspective. 
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