There are two ways to go natural and both determine your products, washday routines, and hairstyles. Transitioning from relaxed to natural requires patience, proper hair care techniques, and a willingness to work with at least two very different textures. There are easy hairstyles that give you the peace of mind that you need to concentrate on growing out the relaxer and retaining your length while keep your hair healthy. Here are easy hairstyles that will allow you to transition as long as you choose to with minimal stress. You definitely do not have to master them all, but knowing what's out there and trying a couple for yourself will help you discover your go-to transitioning style. 

Roller sets

This is one of the healthiest hairstyles as they do not require heat, can last longer than other types of hairstyles, and leaves room for only little manipulation of your strands. It is also an easy go-to for the newly natural, as most relaxed women already know how to roller set like a pro.

First off, most relaxed women are quite familiar with them so this will truly be an easy style to create while you are early in your transitioning phase and beyond. You can do them yourself, enlist a loved one, or patron a salon. It is a basic style can be done on a variety of rollers (from magnetic to sponge) and for most women the results are lasting up to a week or longer if you implement good nighttime hair care routines.

Beautywithin07 shares her take on this simple and lasting style with the help of her mother. Her mother ensures the hair is fully detangled, smooth and wrapped around the rollers properly. Those are critical factors in getting a good roller set! After sitting under the dryer, she blow dries her hair and brushes it out to get full smoothness and to get it straighter.


Two-strand and three-strand twists are popular with naturals and for good reason. They are a cute go-to style that lasts and easy to create. They also give two different textures the opportunity to unite and give ultra-sexy twists. If your relaxed just will not cooperate, you can also curl the ends (or all the hair) to give a tighter curl or a more uniform curl if you pull them apart.

iMadamJay shows just how easy it is to create a twist and curl on flexi rods for a sexy and elegant updo that will give you some style choices and a break from everyday styling. This look can be worn down, up, in a curly bun…you get the idea and then create the look on super curly and workable hair.


Buns are an easy and great style to rock as natural or simply transitioning. For one, they are versatile and can be a messy bun, high bun, low bun, side bun, ninja bun, and even worn as double buns. Yes, you have several options to choose from during just about the entire time during your transitioning period. Keeping the edges under control and the relaxed ends tucked under and you have a quick style that is super easy and will last a few days or even a week.

iMadameJay shares how she incorporates both textures into a flawless slicked-down curly bun by braiding and curling her relaxed ends. With gel and her trusty toothbrush she completes her style to sheer perfection. Held together by bobby pins, her bun could have been left out just as easily to give her look more movement or to create a messy bun.

Braided styles

Braiding your hair is an ideal way to mask having two different textures especially if you are great at braiding. Braided hair will hold together better than twists and last longer too. You can wear them in as braids or simply take them out for stellar braid-outs that will give you volume, curls, or waves and a lasting style.

This video is for me just as much as it is for you. NaturalNeiicey shares how to cornrow natural or transitioning hair for an awesome braid-out that saved her hair during her transitioning. With only a few products she turns her long transitioned hair into a halo of gorgeous curls that will give just about anyone total hair envy! If you cannot braid, then this is a great video to learn. You see her technique up close and personal.


Just like it sounds, we are discussing crossing the techniques lines to create unique and lasting style creations. This can be twists with braids that will give your dual textures a chance at better blend-ability. This requires a little trial and error and know that some traditional styles just do not work with you are working with straight relaxed hair and coily natural hair.

This style is unique and the perfect combination of giving each texture what it needs to get big curls.  I like this style because it is easy and great for the transitioner who complains of not getting the same results on both textures when they do a regular roller set, braid-out, or other curly style.  Mariyan Anna shows step-by-step instructions on a fantastic idea that allows her to rock super big curly hair that just required her to think outside the box for optimal results.

What's your go-to style for transitioning?