I like to wash my hair every week. By wash, I do not mean co-wash. I use a moisturizing sulfate-free shampoo or natural cleanser once a week to free my hair from product build-up and soothe my scalp. In between washes I may co-wash to refresh my wash and go so it can last longer. The following are my steps (video included) to my weekly wash routine!

STEP 1 PRE-CLEANSE: Scalp massage

I like to give myself a scalp massage before washing my hair as I have a very sensitive scalp that can get itchy and dry. Massaging my scalp weekly also promotes hair growth especially when done with a hydrating oil.

STEP 2 CLEANSE: Section hair, dampen roots, apply shampoo

I recently have changed my cleansing technique due to dry hair and skin irritation. I now wash my hair before I get into the shower and rinse out. I can see exactly what I'm doing in the mirror instead of relying on just your hands to do the work. Since I have thick roots, looking in the mirror helps me deeply cleanse my scalp and catch any parts I wouldn’t usually get to. I section my hair into 4 twists, dampen the roots and apply shampoo. Then, I massage the shampoo well into my scalp before getting into the shower and rinsing with cool water.

looking in the mirror helps me deeply cleanse my scalp and catch any parts I wouldn’t usually get to

STEP 3 DEEP CONDITION: Detangle, steam treatment

While my hair's still wet and completely cleansed, I apply a deep conditioner or treatment depending on what I feel my hair needs. I apply this generously in sections whilst finger detangling. I like to detangle while my hair is soaked in product since it's easier to glide my fingers through the curls and unknot my hair. Once my hair is coated in the treatment, I cover it with two plastic bags to keep in the heat and leave in for around 20-30 minutes before rinsing out.

STEP 4 STYLE: Moisturize, apply styling gel

Time to style! I keep it simple with my wash and go styling, I simply section the hair while it is still wet using a moisturizing leave-in. I saturate my curls, working the leave-in through. I apply a lot of product on my washday since I don’t apply product daily. This usually keeps my hair moisturised for the next 3 days. Next, I add a small amount of styling gel or crème to the sections.

STEP 5 DRYING: Diffuse, define, go!

In the winter I have to use a diffuser especially if I have somewhere to go, the cold weather in the UK and wet hair usually result in a flu! I avoid this by diffusing. I use a cool setting to avoid frizz. This results in a fresh scalp and clean, defined curls. This is my weekly routine. However, I usually switch my cleansing and treatment products monthly.

Watch my video

How does your cleansing routine differ from mine?

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