As a natural who enjoys a good silky smooth blowout every so often, I have my fair share of triumphs--and tragedies--after my hair appointment.

From the regimen change to the personality shifts, the balance between rocking my curls and wearing my hair straight gives me the ability to switch up my look and constantly reinvent my style.

There are real challenges. Like “Girl, Bye!” challenges to blown out hair. Here are five struggles only heat-straightened naturals understand:

Dealing with humidity

Anything wet or misty--I am over. Over 2 hours of work down the drain, I'm done. Y’all can’t tell me you are just fine when you get your hair freshly done and then check the weather and its 40% humidity outside.

Being told that we "look so professional" with straight hair

Excuse me? Do not take my hair down to your unrealistic, biased, outdated ideals of what professional hairstyles are in the workplace.   

Hairstylists who say they "like to get it at the root"

No 'root-getting' is needed over here. Trust us, the pain from the second degree burns of that Marcel flat iron almost hurts worse than a relaxer. Almost.

Adjusting a trusty regimen

We all know it takes an entirely different arsenal of products to maintain your curly hair as opposed to straight. So now if you like both styles, you have double the products, and half the bathroom space.

Being called a "fake natural"

If I wear my hair straight, I’m still natural. I don’t hate my curly hair or anything of the sort. I do not think straight hair is easier. I do not want a relaxer--hey, I'm a proud naturally curly girl over here!

What are you tired of hearing others say about your straightened natural hair?

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