As women, most of us feel naked without our hair framing our faces, touching our shoulders or blowing in the wind. Actresses like Emma Watson and Halle Berry are revered for their short chopped locks, which scream, “I’m brave, and am totally rocking it.”

For us humble folk without a celebrity stylist, however, it is a rare day that the idea of a big chop doesn’t make our hearts skip a freaked out beat. But when that rare day comes, and it will, that’s the time to take advantage and get rid of the weighed down, straightened, broken strands to which we are so emotionally attached.

That is exactly what My-Cherie did, and at 3 A.M. nonetheless. So, if you are on the verge of gaining the courage to cut it off and begin transitioning, find some inspiration in My-Cherie’s big chop excitement and her big chop song!

Big Chop Inspiration

My-Cherie’s Big Chop excitement breaks out in song!

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