Are you transitioning and noticing your hair transform? Transitioning is defined as the return to your natural hair texture from a chemically straightened or heat damaged state. Over time you will gradually cut the relaxed or heat-damaged ends from your hair until you have a full head of your natural texture. 

I transitioned for two years and it was a long process. Before I transitioned, I noticed that my relaxed hair would never retain length past my shoulders and I couldn’t understand why. When my hair was relaxed, I would straighten my hair every day, which caused breakage. One day I decided that I was done relaxing my hair and consulted my hairstylist before starting my journey to healthy hair.

During my transition, I noticed how my hair was changing. My once dull and dry hair began to maintain some moisture. I also noticed how my new growth was much different than my relaxed hair. I noticed the change of texture, because of the line of demarcation. This line is where your new growth or virgin hair meets your relaxed hair. I began to notice how beautiful, strong, and curly hair my new growth was. My new growth was definitely stronger and much healthier than my relaxed hair. Here are a few changes that stood out to me after my transition.


After my transition, my hair began to retain more length. I started doing length checks on my journey, because back when I transitioned I was focused on my hair reaching a certain length. As mentioned before, my relaxed hair experienced a lot of breakage, but while transitioning it grew waist length before my recent cut this year.


My relaxed hair was limp and dry while my edges were thin. After I transitioned, my hair was much coarser and fuller and my edges were very thick and coarse.


After I transitioned I definitely noticed a difference in the moisture of my hair. With a relaxer my hair was always dry and my scalp was not in good shape.  I still have dry scalp, but it is nothing like it was when I was relaxed. I would get sores on my scalp from the relaxer and my scalp would bleed. After my transition, I didn’t have any more problems with scabs on my scalp. My hair was able to retain moisture due to my hair care regimen and my hair began to thrive.

It’s a trickle effect. Because my hair was not being stripped of moisture from relaxers and heat straightening, I was able to effectively combat breakage to retain length and see my curls. Moisture is key! Want to see your hair in its optimal health? Reduce or eliminate all damaging practices and watch your hair flourish.

How has your hair changed since you have been natural?

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