Little girl

Dear Rebecca:

I’m 14-years-old. I've been growing my hair natural for almost over a year now, and it’s not even on my shoulders. I’m so tired of being the only girl with short hair and weave. I'm also tired of being made fun of because of my hair.

I think I know the reason behind it as well: I use a lot of weave and braids since I’m in school, and don’t have a clue how to manage natural hair. So this summer, I have been trying a puff and trying to straighten my natural hair. I was wondering: is this the best thing I can do to finally get out of this short/medium length hair.

Dear Growing Slowly:

If natural hair is what you really, really want, then hang in there! Hair typically grows ½ an inch per month. Now, that is based upon the individual eating the right foods for healthy hair, exercising and drinking a lot of water.

Whenever I get asked how to grow long hair fast, my response is always to drink as much water as you can. This is necessary because water hydrates the body and helps to regulate the circulatory system, which feeds the hair follicle, which then stimulates hair growth.

There have been some reports that have shown that Biotin hair growth supplements can aid in the growth of hair. However, I would first consult with your health care professional.

So, here are my recommendations: drink as much water as you can, eat well (no processed foods, fast foods, or anything with too much starch), and exercise regularly. In this case, the miracle pill is water.

Good luck, and I know you will reach your hair goals!