Not to brag, but I’ve been having some ridiculously easy wash days. And while I’m sure my methods don’t exactly work for everyone, there are some key points that will help you have a drama-free wash day as well.

When followed, these points help alleviate some of the stress and tension around wash days.

1. Always pre-poo

Pre-pooing not only helps prevent the hair from being stripped completely of natural oils, but it also softens and conditions the hair — making it easier to detangle and prevent breakage. How you pre-poo is totally up to you!

Oils, conditioners, DIY masks, or any combination thereof — whatever works for your hair!

WATCH: DIY Olive Oil Pre-Poo

2. Sulfates on occasion

 Sulfates can be harsh and drying on the hair, making it feel wiry and brittle. I’ve also discovered that some shampoo formulas can even make the hair more tangled than what it was.

Limit your use of sulfates to monthly clarifying washes, or even less frequently depending upon your hair’s needs.

3. Wash in sections

Section washing, whether with clips or by twisting hair, will help ensure that you’re able to adequately cleanse and condition your glorious mane in its entirety. It also helps cut down on tangles while washing, and leads to less breakage.

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