Devri Velazquez with her Big Chop!

When Devri Velazquez first began working at NaturallyCurly, her hair was straight and relaxed. She had no plans of big chopping or transitioning and hadn’t even really thought about natural hair since she 5-years-old, when she lost her curls to a relaxer at the hands of a stylist named Stallin.

Every employee to walk in the NaturallyCurly door is subject to hair questions: “What products do you use?” “Is your family natural?” “Do you remember your natural curls?” “Has it always been this length?” and so on and so on. Think of it as a daily 20 questions game we play because hair is our life.

Devri immediately opened up about her straight hair experiences saying that she always grew up jealous of her younger sister who had never had a relaxer. Their divided household was like a natural vs. straight pop quiz: which is better, easier and cheaper?

Nonetheless, last time you heard from Devri, she explained that she was considering a transition and asked the community for tips and guidance. This past Sunday, Devri took the plunge and decided that if she was going to go natural, she was going to GO NATURAL. That’s right. She Big Chopped.

From straight-hair declared to natural and free, see what Devri has to say about the experience, her family’s reaction and her new long-term goals.

What made you decide to go for the Big Chop?

I was tired of all the maintenance that went into keeping my hair relaxed and straight. I’ve also had a sudden urge to see what my natural hair looked like since I hadn’t seen my curls since I was 5!

What were you thoughts and feelings during the Big Chop? What was your initial reaction to your natural hair and how do you feel about it now? 

I was nervous but excited at first, and now I feel like a brand new person!

How has your family responded? 

Everyone loves it. Even my biggest critic, my mom, was very pleasantly surprised when she saw it.

What are your plans for your hair?

I love the style and length that it’s in now, but I would like to eventually grow it out by the fall time. I think a curly bob is perfect for this Texas heat.

Moving forward, do you know what products you’re going to use, or where to go next on the journey?

In the weeks leading up to the big chop, I was using nuNAAT Naat Treatment Curly Hair Conditioner as well as the Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner. Now I’ve been using the Moroccanoil products, especially the Curl Control Cream when I don’t have time to deep condition. I’m testing the waters until I find that product that’s just for me. But so far all of these have been working great!

Anything else you would like to add?

I never thought a Big Chop would have such an impact on my personal life. I’m finally allowing myself to embrace a side of me that was always hidden. Now I can say I’m more than proud of showing off my curls!

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