I have been natural now for almost 6 years (2009 - 2015) and I am pretty happy with my hair growth.

The reason why I decided to go natural in the first place is because I was forced to. My hair caught on fire and on camera, to see my hair journey from the very beginning (bald head and all) click here. As you can see in my video below, I have done everything you could possibly think of with my hair.

After my hair caught on fire at a Christmas party, I took it as a sign from God that it was time for me to start to love and embrace my own Natural Hair texture. I decided to cut everything off--and that is where my self esteem issues began.

I felt like I did not look the same with short hair; I did not feel as beautiful as I did when I had long, texturized hair.

Moving to Brazil did not make my insecurities any easier. Not knowing the language and seeing the many different types of chemical treatments just turned me off more from going down that road again, though. I knew I was happy with my decision--I just had to figure out a way to love my new hair and the new me.

I wanted to rediscover myself.

Going Natural is one of my biggest life changing decisions that I have made to date because it assisted me to connect with who I am, what I wanted in life and who I wanted to become. Choosing this felt as if I was removing a mask that was placed over me for years. Releasing the mask allowed me to be aware of who I am as a person day by day.

I wanted to inspire.

After watching the Tyra Banks Show on Good Hair and seeing the young girls talk about their hair and how they viewed their beauty or lack of beauty, I was touched. I felt a deep need to do something to shift this. I started blogging, holding workshops, and creating YouTube hair tutorials.

I needed to love me for me.

I am currently back in the dating world. Returning natural has allowed me to weed out shallow minded men who ask things like, “Do you always wear your hair curly or in twists? Do you mind straightening your hair?”

I need a man who is going to love me and embrace me for who I am. Accepting my hair is part of that process.

I craved to stand out in the crowd.

Having Locs, Sisterlocks, curly hair, big hair, mini twists etc. is different and gives me an exotic appearance compared to others.

I wanted a deeper connection to the earth and my spirituality.

As I love myself more and more, I attract more love into my life. By attracting more love, I am embracing a deeper connection with God. As I believe God lives within me, I am God created in its vision.

As my spirituality strengthens so does my connection to the earth and green living, I am conscious about the type of products I use and consume.

I use naturally based products, eat as clean as I can manage. and this conscious living also expands further with the people I choose to connect with.

I needed to simplify my hair routine.

I actually do not do much at all! Twists are my home girl. I absolutely love leaving my hair in twist for days until I have somewhere special to go then I will do a stretched Twist Out. To achieve big fluffy curls I use Alikay Naturals Shea Yogurt Hair Moisturizer and Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-in Conditioner is a banging combination.

This is my current routine:

  • Wash and condition.

  • Deep treatment hair with a protein treatment and moisturizing treatment.  Sometimes I skip my protein treatment.

  • Twist or Protective style my hair.

  • Trim my ends every 4 to 5 months.

I do change my hair every now and then by adding a pop of colour, straightening it or doing hair extensions. Check me on Instagram @AnyasVida. I am all about maintaining hair growth and length and for this reason I do not do much to my hair.

What are your hair goals and what are some reasons why you are a proud natural?