Fashion and style are cyclical. By the time we have forgotten about an old favorite it comes right back around for some more love. Usually it brings some of its old charm but with an updated appeal to newer fashion or style divas ready and eager to try it out. Many of the styles we love are classic in nature, simple to create, and add flair to an outfit or look. We’ve got four styles that are back with a lovely vengeance and are popping up in our Instagram feeds and on our TV screens in ways that make us want to try them ourselves.

Finger Waves

Yes, finger waves are back and with a true updated vengeance. While many remember them from the fabulous roaring 20’s with flapper dresses and buttoned pumps, others remember how Hip Hop stars like Missy Elliot made them the style to have during the 90s.

The new-yet-old look is revamped by a softness in the waves which is opposite of the freeze-dried look of the 90s. Another refreshing feature is adding color. While splashes of color could be seen on some finger waves of the past, the finger waves of today have the entire head colored like Ciara’s finger waves at the MET Gala.

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From short to long hair, finger waves are a favorite among the celebs and everyday curlies alike. The greatest feature is you and your personal style. There are no steadfast rules and the more creative the better. Here are two videos showing just how easily it is to create this fun style on our curly hair whether short, long, coily, or wavy.

The Pompadour

The pompadour has resurfaced a few times from its original beginning as a hairstyle named after Madame de Pompadour. It was primarily a woman’s hairstyle until it gained a renewed interest during the 50s from rock stars like Elvis Presley, Little Richard, and James Dean. It was quite symbolic of the times with its edgy style and was loved by the whole “greaser” look in the 50s and 60s.

Recently, she has jazzed it up with long braids in the back, faux hawks, and pompadour bangs. While the style is seen on the red carpet quite often by Teyonah Parris or Alicia Keys just to name a few, it is a favorite among the curly girls, so if you want in check out the video below on how to create this style. While the video shares it being created on straightened natural hair, hair can be in naturally curly, coily and wavy state for a more textured and unique look too.

The Bob

Another vintage hairstyle that continues to makes cyclical rounds is the bob. This simple, yet elegant style was symbolic of independence for women during the beginning of the 20the century. When women are often thought to wear long hair to showcase their femininity, the bob has a long history for John of Arc to Cleopatra to today as a sexy, strong style for the woman with style. The bob and curls go hand in hand although many would assume this is a look for straight hair. On the contrary, as curls give the look a breath of fresh air that allow for styles to take on an even better shape, we are seeing more curly bobs that have bangs.

The new love for curls has created a new look for the bob and the stars at the forefront for this style are Rihanna, Kerry Washington, and Halle Berry just to name a few.

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With such a versatile style it is easy to rock on curly hair that requires little to not much work. If one is in need for uniform waves or curls the video, below shows how to create a style with Bantu knots for an overnight heatless style. If hair is too long tuck and pin the longer parts to give a full bob effect.

French twist

Another easy and favorite style that refuses to leave is the chic French twist. Popular during the Victorian period, this was a romantic style perfect for parties and special occasions. Mostly created on longer hair, this style looks amazing on waves, curls, or coils to help give volume and add character. It became popular again during the 50s, 60s, and 70s. This style will continue to thrive because it is practical, easy, and a go-to updo for special occasions.

Stars like Salma Hayek and Demi Lovato add flair to the renewed French twist with braids and elegant messiness. Today’s take on the old style allows for loose bangs and a touch of elegance that no longer require the style be limited to neither length nor stiffness, as softness and intricate styling is the focus. Check out the video below that shows how to create a messy French twist on shorter strands with bangs.