ABS Texture! Panel a Huge Success

2012-09-07 12:53:32

ABS Texture! Panel a Huge Success

This one-of-a kind free event on showcased leading texture experts and educators in an intimate, interactive forum plus live hair demos. We continue to help stylists learn the best practices for curls. We educated the stylist to help you!

America’s Beauty Show was underway and thousands of stylists and salon owners gathered to expand their knowledge, see top stylists and enjoy the entire “show” experience. Sunday, March 13th, was a huge day at ABS as it was the second annual “Texture!” programming. America’s Beauty Show is a large trade show for beauty industry professionals (tens of thousands in attendance) that draws stylists and manufacturers from around the world. It was held this year in Chicago March 11th-14th.

Texture! returned to ABS this year! This one-of-a kind free event showcased leading texture experts and educators in an intimate, interactive forum which included live hair demos. Texture! was hosted by founder Michelle Breyer and Modern Salon's Editor-in-Chief Laurel Nelson.

This is the second time the longtime dream of NaturallyCurly co-founders Gretchen Heber and Michelle Breyer, who long wished for the opportunity to get so many curl experts in the same room together, came to life! We are excited that this event continues to be a success and grow with each year!

Stylists got to hear the latest trends and watch demos on the latest techniques in working with texture. The Texture! panel featured a veritable who’s who of the curly hair industry, including Dickey, founder of Hair Rules salon and product line, Veronique Morrison, director of education for MIZANI, Ouidad, the "Queen of Curls" of Ouidad Salon and the Ouidad product line, Shari Harbinger, director of professional development, DevaConcepts, and John Benedetto, Director of Education for GK Hair. Attendees were able to meet and talk one on one and greet the leading texture educators and brand leaders. The event feature live demonstrations of the latest texture techniques from American Crew, international all-star educator Erica Grabczyk, top Ouidad stylist Ana Daniel, Anthony Dickey, Shari Harbinger and Veronique Morrison. Check out the Texture! supplement now for all things curly!

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The programming opened up with all the curl experts onstage for some texture talk —each panelist presented their company's unique theories on curl care, cutting and products. Each of the panelists has a unique methodology to how to cut, style and maintain curls. It was an extremely beneficial experience for the stylist to be able hear and see each expert discuss their practices and methods. A hot topic of discussion was keratin treatments. John Benedetto, Director of Education for GK Hair, discussed with stylists GK's reformulation and the facts about keratin. Other panelists joined in to talk about the smoothing treatments their salons offered and how to help and educate clients in understanding their options, wether transitioning or dealing with frizz. Learn more about keratin treatments here.

Each audience member received a and bag filled with information and tools to help him or her build their business. Each of the brands also provided samples to each attendee. Audience members were very excited about the panel and even more excited when they learned of they would be receiving samples from each brand and one on one time to discuss their individual questions.

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