ABS Texture! Panel a Huge Success

2012-09-07 12:53:32

ABS Texture! Panel a Huge Success

This one-of-a kind free event on showcased leading texture experts and educators in an intimate, interactive forum plus live hair demos. We continue to help stylists learn the best practices for curls. We educated the stylist to help you!

Hundreds of stylists piled into the convention center room to hear these legends of the industry describe their background, talk about their philosophies, offer concrete one on one advice and see them work. And while not all curl experts think alike, the event was a harmonious one, with the panelists all realizing the significance of the gathering. One of the attendees describe the event as “life changing” she has always work with curls and said when she heard about the opportunity to meet and talk with top curl experts she was there! In fact many stylists arrive an hour before hand to secure a spot and have some extra one on one time with the experts.

Following the panel were demonstrations by some of the panelists, a very popular part of the programming where the stylists were invited to come up close and have a back-and-forth with the presenters.

After the onstage discussion and question and answer session, the panelists began demonstrations and one-on-one discussion. Stylists were blown away that they were given the opportunity to meet these experts and ask their curl questions. One stylist stated that she couldn’t believe she got one-on-one time with each expert. She said it allowed her to have the most well-rounded discussions around curls that she’s ever had. Excitedly, she stated, “I discussed all my clients' needs from wavy to curly to kinky.” The event allowed stylists to hear everything from how to deal with waves, curls and kinks, to transitioning and protective styles, to how to provide definition, to hydration and a great day-to-day look for their clients. You name it, we discussed it.

The live demonstrations and one on one discussion drew quite the crowd. Stylist could go to each corner of the room and see and speak with each expert about their methods and philosophies.

This year is all about the guys! Curly men are rocking their texture like never before, and American Crew was there to show and tell us all about their new cuts and products for curly men. American Crew International All-Star Educator Erica Grabczyk showed us the latest trend in men. Check out the before and after pictures. Erica took the model's hair from drab to fab, and the final look was modern and chic. American Crew introduced their curl-specific line and a series of amazing haircuts for curly men. Learn more about the new American Crew curl-specific line.

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