trends for curly hair

Christo: "The mood is changing from blowouts to curls and waves."

We here at the NaturallyCurly headquarters have our own opinions on what's hot for spring in terms of curls, color and style, but we just had to catch up with one of our favorite celebrity stylists, Christo of Christo 5th Avenue in New York, and creator of the curl-specific product line Curlisto, for his take on this season's hottest trends.

We have been noticing a huge drift from the severe looks of the '80s that were in last year, to the soft Bohemian styles of the '70s emerging everywhere. The celebrity stylist claims that the braids and undone styles of the '70s are going to last well into the summer, so be sure to master your braiding techniques or have your stylist show you how to create braids at home.

Christo notes that the "softening" trend has taken curls into the limelight, even on the sleek, polished women of New York City, stating, "The mood is changing from blowouts to curls and waves. They ask for a looser look now. People don't want to spend the time flat-ironing—they are going for a more natural and clean look."

Christo also points out that the shorter, more boyish looks are becoming hot right now, but to beware when asking your stylist to recreate this look for you. "It is important during the consultation to ask how long the cut will take to grow out—otherwise you can end up as a fashion victim when the trend goes out of style in 3 months," Christo explains.

Colors that are in this spring and will flow right into summer are all the tones and shades of red. Any shade from deep wine, orange, strawberry, and added highlights this summer will freshen any color. We have been seeing red lately cropping up everywhere, but the selection is more diverse, giving curlies the freedom to keep their current color or choose one that they have been dying to try.