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Use shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products that contain sunscreens and nourishing agents to help protect your hair from the summer elements.

We’ve checked in with a veteran hairstylists to get the best curly hairstyles to welcome the summer. The big trend for summer 2011 is natural and loose—great for curlies! Summer curly hair styles can look very glamorous and beautiful with little to no effort. Summer is the season of sitting by the poolside, lying on the beach and being outside more that usual—thus, we need some easy styles to rock this summer.

The hottest hair trends for the summer of 2011 are perfect for curlies—they are messy and loose. Much of this is driven by celebrities who sometimes take inspiration from the fashion trends of yesteryear. Anna Craig of Trashy Root Salon & Spa has the scoop on the hottest trends for summer 2011.

Craig, Pravana Artistic Educator and DevaCurl Specialist, has more than nine years of experience and gives us the lowdown on the latest trends and how to achieve these effortless looks. Here is Craig’s list of some of the newest curly hair styles for the hottest months of the year.

messy hair

Keep it messy!

In fact, the messier the better. You want it to look natural and effortless. Unkempt, loose pieces of curls and waves will help to achieve this.

How to get the look:

  1. Try pulling hair back and twisting it into a bun, sans the help of a rubber band.
  2. Then, using bobby pins, pin the hair in place. The lack of a rubber band will help the hair to look more natural, and keep it messy.
  3. Apply hairspray to keep the look in place and, most of all, keep it very natural — show off those beautiful curls, kinks and waves!

Side everything!

Rock your curls to the side. This summer, side ponies and side buns are in. These looks are very easy to achieve, plus they keep our curls off our neck—perfect for those hot summer months.

How to get the look:

  1. Style your hair as usual or use second day hair. Make sure to apply frizz control products to make this look last.
  2. Pull your curls to the side – right behind your ear.
  3. Smooth down your curls with your hand and loosely pull them into a ponytail. Don’t pull the hair tightly from the root. Instead, leave it slack and keep it loose.
  4. When the ponytail looks right to you, pinch it tightly in place with one hand and then work the elastic band on your wrist over the curls, and secure it tightly so that your ponytail doesn’t flop. We recommend you use a clear rubber band or one that matches your hair color. Another alternative to a rubber band is the Goody Simple Styles Pony Pouf Hair Styling Clip. This is an easy way to get the messy bun look.
  5. Optional: Pull some front and side pieces out to give the look a more glamorous appeal.



Messy-braid those curls for a quick and easy summer look. The messy side-braid is an effortless, boho chic look for this summer.

How to get the look:

  1. Spritz in some curl-enhancing spray and scrunch your hair to enhance your curls
  2. Gather hair to one side and part in three sections
  3. Braid hair loosely and secure it at the bottom.
  4. For a messy effect, pull out some strands and apply a texturizing product, like wax or pomade.
  5. Spray on a finishing hair spray and scrunch up hair again for extra volume.


Silk-wrapped strands

Scarves are the perfect accessory for summer and a great way to protect your hair from the summer heat, which can dry hair out and cause frizz!. Slipping a colorful scarf around your curls is an easy way to glam up simple curly hairstyles this summer.

How to get the look:

  1. Fold a bright scarf several times until it’s about 3 inches wide. Twist the ends. Check out these beautiful Shimmer & Bliss scarves.

  2. Push your curls, kinks and waves back with your hands, then place the scarf 2 to 2.5 inches behind your hairline. Make sure the ends are an even length.

Tip to prevent slipping: Tie the scarf twice at your nape underneath your hair. First, knot it horizontally, then do it again, but this time pull each side of the scarf vertically. This will keep the knot tight and also make the ends lay down evenly.

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