The feather hair trend has taken over the hair world since Spring 2011. We have seen them clipped in, sewn in, straightened, curled, hot pink and au natural.

But we haven’t yet seen how to get professional feathers for hair at home, at a minimal cost, besides using clip-ins!

With winter fast approaching comes a change in climate and fashion. Clip-ins don’t stay in place with the wind, and hot pink just isn’t as cool and funky when darker colors take precedent. So what's a hip gal to do with her desire for feathered tresses?

Find a Feather Provider

To help you on your feathered quest, in steps Feather Hair Extensions, the newest and hottest place to buy real feathers for hair online. Feather Hair Extensions provides you with real feathers in a variety of colors, and provides an easy, step-by-step at-home installation guide to save you money and a trek to the salon. In fact, Feather Hair Extensions is probably the same place your stylist gets her feathers!

Because the company provides natural hair feathers, you can wash, curl and flat iron them just like regular hair! And if you take good care of them, they can stay in for up to two months!

So, my hippie-channeling friends, are you looking for an inexpensive, at-home, professional and fashionable way to keep your tresses feathered, rather than tossing the trend all together? Then, look no further – we’re here to help!

At-home, Professional Hair Feather Installation

Purchasing feathers for hair is simple enough. Head over to the Feather Hair Extensions site and look for bonded feather hair extensions, which can last you a couple of months at only $13!

Worried about the at-home installation? Don’t! Once you purchase the extension tools, a loop and bead set and pliers totally another $13, it is a cinch!

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be feathered-hair perfected and ready in no time.

  1. Place feather extension bead onto your loop tool.
  2. Part out the location where you want your hair feathers to sit and grab about ten strands of hair. Thread hair through the loop tool. Remember that the feather stem and your strands of hair have to fit through the bead.
  3. Slide the bead off of the loop tool and onto your hair and hold the bead in place very close to your scalp.
  4. Place stems of hair feathers into bead and clamp down to flatten bead around feather stems.
  5. Gently tug on your feathers to ensure that they do not slide off – they shouldn’t! If the feathers are sliding, clamp harder to assure a tighter bead fit.
  6. If needed, trim off excess feather stem above bead so it doesn’t poke scalp.

Want More?

Cassidy shows you exactly how she made feathers for hair curly.

Final Thoughts

Sitting at home in the cold, depressed not about the weather, but about the lack of flair in your hair? Get up off that chair and pull yourself out of that bad mood with your own feathers for hair.