This summer the New York Times announced the return of, guess what, the scrunchie. Some may be perplexed, even horrified, by its resurgence on the runways of Chanel and Rag and Bone, as well as the likes of Selena Gomez and Rita Ora, but in the curly world the scrunchie never left.

It's possible that the curly community alone has been keeping Scunci's scrunchie offering afloat since the 1980s, as this cloth elastic happens to be a staple in the curly hair regimen. A scrunchie happens to be the number one tool for keeping curls, coils and waves in tact while we sleep in what we call the "pineapple."

The pineapple technique originated here on NaturallyCurly as a way of piling curly hair on top of your head and loosely securing it there with a scrunchie or loose hair tie so that your curls don't lose their shape while you sleep. The scrunchie is key because it helps to prevent a crease in the curls when you take it out of the hair the next morning.

Apparently, thanks to the 90's nostalgia trend that is heating up this summer we can now take our nighttime hair accessory into the light of day!

Have you been sporting Scrunchies in your sleep all this time? And if so, are you ready to rock one out in public?