Cassidy Blackwell in Chicago

NaturallyCurly in the Windy City

After three days of hair show madness at ABS, it magically decided to be an unseasonably warm 65 degrees outside. So I did what any normal blogger would do: grabbed the camera and set off to stretch my legs for an afternoon stroll on Michigan Avenue. On the sidewalks beneath the towering skyscrapers, curlies of all different textures and colors were catching my eye and I stopped to chat with them about their curls. Here are their stories!

Cropped + Copper

Shylon: Chicago Street Style

Meet Shylon. In Chicago visting from Dallas, this lady's got great style head to toe topped off with a cropped and coppertoned TWA. "I LOVE YOUR HAIR!" I shouted as I ran off like a banshee behind this woman down the street.  She turned around, took a look and replied "WOW!  I love your hair too!"

There you have it, love at first hair sight

Braided for Texture

Gina: Chicago Street Style

Meet Gina. A Chicago native who uses simple braids to add more texture to her wavy locks. I noticed her super long, jet black waves and knew I had to snap her picture. "Are you naturally curly?" I asked.

"Naturally wavy, but I braid my hair for more texture." she replied.

Curls with a Fan Club

Ashley: Chicago Street Style

Meet Ashley. A Michigan curly with a natural-enthusiast boyfriend. I could see her gorgeously textured puff from a mile away as she walked down Michigan Ave. with her boyfriend. I stopped to talk to her about her hair and her boyfriend quickly interjected: "If you like it now, you should have seen it when she got out of the shower!"

All in the Family

Three wavy girls. Chicago Street Style

Three wavy haired sisters ages seven, five and three on a family vacation from Rochester, MN. What could be cuter?

Faux-Friendly Waves

Two stylists fresh from the ABS show floor with matching waves

Two stylists fresh from the ABS show floor with matching waves. The secret to their styles? A waving iron! Envious of all of the trending texture at ABS, they picked up a waving iron and some extensions to add volume and texture.

A Curly Guy

Curtis: Chicago Street Style

Meet Curtis, a Los Angeles native with perfect 3c coils, the perfect accessory to his hip style. Gotta love a guy who knows how to rock his curls!

Power Puff Girl

Erin: Chicago Street Style

Meet Erin, natural for a year with a truly enviable  caramel-colored puff! As a veteran, this naturalista sure knows the 411 on natural hair care.

Silvery Spirals

Carol: Chicago Street Style

Carol from Arizona's cropped cut is kept au naturel in terms of color, but uses a perm for volume and texture.


Chicago Street Style

This Chicagoland curly has been wearing her hair natural for six years!  Here she's wearing a twist out to enhance her texture and elongate her curls.

Curls in the Wind

Chicago Street Style

The wind was so strong on Michigan Avenue that it made it difficult for Heather's curly ponytail to cooperate with the camera. But finally, we got the 3c curls of this Chicago Tribune photographer settle for a quick second and pose for the camera.

Finally Free

Lauren: Chicago Street Style

Like so many of us, Lauren used to spend hours and hours fighting her curls until one day her stylist gave her a token of advice:

"Leave it alone, Lauren. Just leave it alone and let it curl!"

And ever since, she has let her curls be free loves the distinctive style.

Sweet Style

Chicago Street Style

I've only seen a flat-twist style like this one other time on the floor of a hair show in Atlanta and had to snap her picture. Luckily for her, but unfortunately for us, the style's creator is just a friend who happens to know how to do some cool twisting techniques!

In the Fam

Chicago Street Style

It's always exciting to meet readers of NaturallyCurly, so when Emily said that she was a fan, we had a great #omgyayforcurlies geek out moment! How did she get her awesome curls? Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie. #omgoneofmyfaves2