"Curls are cute," explained the professional stylist on the Matrix stage "but the new look is big, dramatic hair!" The model to his right, he went on to explain had her curls styled using a styling gel from their new Total Results Curl line launching July 15th, which left her curls super defined and shiny. But to get the the high-impact look he desired, he pulled apart the curls, lifting at the roots and teasing her hair into a large and dramatic style.

The Deconstructed Curl was everywhere on the floor of Premiere Orlando and was often used as a foundation for other styles. On the TIGI stage, a stylist applied tiny-coiled extensions to her model and then used her fingers to pull each and every one of the coils apart. Avlon, the makers of Kera Care, had models with deconstructed curls swept into ponytails. Scruples models wore their curls big, loose, and dramatic.

In a community that is focused on the definition of curls and fighting frizz, the Deconstructed Curl offers reprieve and brings a new, edgier option for styling. Instead of seeking the perfect curl, aim to create shape, volume, and drama.

TIGI uses curly extensions as the base of their Deconstructed Curl look. The result is huge hair with drama and volume

How to Get Deconstructed Curls at Home

  1. Wash and condition hair as usual
  2. Use a gel to style the curls while wet. The goal here is to define the curls
  3. Let the curls dry
  4. Once dry, separate the curls gently with fingers from tip to root
  5. Flip head upside down and shake for more volume and finish with a shine serum

Voila! Deconstructed Curls!

Once you have the big loose hair, try some fun styling options such as slicking the front back and wearing a big pony tail or use bobby pins to create a bouffant in the front.

Deconstructed curls from Mizani

Mizani pairs deconstructed curls with a sleek bouffant

Deconstructed curls from Scruples

Scruples model

Deconstructed curls from KeraCare

KeraCare model