Many of us curlies tend to stress out over finding the perfect hairstyle for our special occasion, as sometimes it can seem like the options are limited.

Don’t underestimate the elegance of your natural curls.

Find some headpieces, a few bobby pins, and have your favorite hairspray on hand. Sit down in front of your mirror, taking your time getting to know the beauty of your hair. The best thing about having curly hair when it comes to formal hairstyles is that you could easily hide any ‘mistakes’ within another curl. I have got eight hairstyles that will dress up your curls on your special day. 

Don’t over think it

You could easily rock a traditional headband and still make it look elegant. This headpiece by Lia Terni with ceramic flowers ups the elegance to this hairstyle.

How to dress up a chignon

Add a decorative headpiece to match your special occasion. For this look, I twisted the pieces framing my face and gathered my hair into a low ponytail. Then, I rolled the rest of my hair in the direction of my head and secured it in place with bobby pins–they will be your best friend! For this look, I hid the ends of the headband within my hair for a neater look.

High buns can save any curly hairstyle

Messy high buns are effortless and with the right accessory, it can complete any look. Here is a unique twist, no pun–or bun–intended. Form a high ponytail, then in small sections, gently twist the ends and make single loops around the ponytail. I used a Lia Terni headband backwards for a decorated look in the back of my head. This look is ideal for special occasions when veils are not necessary.

Trending: Half-up, half-down styles

You could easily add any hair accessory to dress up this traditional look. I added a headband with most of the ceramic flowers detailed on one side to my half-up half-down hairstyle. Another option is to use a decorated pin!

Need an easier updo? Do a faux roll

All you need to do is place a headband over your head. Then twist sections of your hair, tuck them into the headband, and pull through. Do that until you have reached the back of your head. Finally, twist and tuck the hair in the pocket you have formed for a royal updo.

Another (elegant”> twist

You can flip most of your hair to one side and begin to twist the other side. This one simple step can look extra elegant with the right hair accessory. This gold leaf pin is the perfect addition to a flawless and beautiful hairstyle for any special occasion.

Which of these formal styles would you rock on your special day?

Let us know in a comment below. Watch my video and subscribe to my channel for a more in-depth tutorial on how to achieve each hairstyle:


Rocio Mora

RisasRizos is a YouTube channel created by Rocio, a Latina from New Orleans who through her own transition to naturally curly hair became eager to share what she has learned along the journey.

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