While it isn't talked about much, many naturally curlies suffer from a thinning hairline. For those who love to rock sleek updos and ponytails, this can pose a problem.

A thinning hairline is usually due to years of tight styles (braids, buns, twists, etc.) harshly pulling at the hair follicles. For some, this may also be a sign of hair fall or a scalp or skin issue that should be taken up with a trichologist immediately. 

If you have been embarrassed to wear certain styles, fear no more: there is a simple and quick fix to make your hairline appear thicker in just a couple of minutes.

What you need & how to do it

1. Use an eye pencil or brush with a powder or eyeshadow that closely matches your hairline. With short and light sweeps in the direction that your hair grows, continue across your forehead until the sparse areas no longer stand out.

2. Dab some edge control across your edges to blend the powder in. Do not use a product that will require your hair to be wettened.

3. Smooth in with a bristle brush similarly to how you would smooth down your baby hairs.

Who this hack is made for

This method is safe for natural hair as it is not a permanent color and won’t affect your hair's original texture. Note that this is not a long-term fix--the makeup eventually wipes off. You can get away with rocking this style for the whole day.

At night, you may want to save your pillows by rubbing coconut oil into the hairline and gently removing the makeup with a microfiber cloth. Alternatively, you can simply co-wash your hair and the color will fade.

Check out these quick and easy tutorials for a step-by-step tutorial of the popular hairline hack:

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