As someone who had a bad experience with not being able to rinse olive oil out of my hair for a week in high school, pre-pooing has always scared me. I know that pre-pooing can help your curls hold on to moisture and I’m familiar with all the benefits, but I was skeptical that my Type 2c waves would thrive under all that oil. 

That was until I saw Deidra’s healthy, happy waves. Deidra told me in a recent interview that one of the secrets to her healthy waves was Ayesha Malik’s pre-poo recipe. As a fan of both of their curls, I had to find out more!

Ayeshas Pre-Poo Recipe for Bouncy Shiny Waves & Curls

Just look at Ayesha’s waves & curls!

First, what is a pre-poo?

A pre-poo is an oil treatment that is applied to the hair before shampooing to prevent the cleanser from stripping your hair of its moisture. You can apply them right before you cleanse, but many curlies, including Ayesha, pre-poo overnight the night before they wash.

Here is what Ayesha had to say about her pre-poo recipe.

Why do you pre-poo?

“Because my ancestors pre-poo’d! We South Asians are known for our thick, long, healthy hair. My mother and her mother before her, were taught to do this. The oils change every generation, but the process remains the same. Yes, I have had countless professionals in the hair industry tell me that oil is not good for curly hair…. and the facts they present me are solid. Scientifically, it does make sense and it leaves me looking like a fool in front of them. But these results, my family history, and my intuition tell me otherwise.”

What ingredients are in your pre-poo?

“I use Tropic Isle Living’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil & their Red Pimento Oil on my scalp. I use any brand of organic coconut oil just as long as it’s unrefined.”

How to apply the pre-poo

  1. I apply a thin coat of JBCO on my scalp first.
  2. Then I liberally apply the red pimento oil on top of the JBCO until my scalp fully covered in oil.
  3. Massaging it in is important because it stimulates hair growth.
  4. After I’m done taking care of my scalp, I take warm coconut oil and apply it everywhere else. The easiest way is to dip my hair into a bowl full of oil. I’m done applying the oil until my hair is drenched.
  5. I wrap my hair up in a towel and go to sleep.
  6. In the morning, I wash it out.

Are there any modifications you make, depending on how your hair feels?

“No, I apply the same amount every single time.”

How often do you use this pre-poo? 

“Once a week.”

What cleanser do you typically use afterward?

“I use DevaCurl’s No Poo Original Zero Lather Cleanser. I don’t use regular shampoo and I haven’t for years. I can’t help but think the reason why my curls look shiny is because there’s always a little bit of oil on them – at all times!” 

What if you have a hard time rinsing out oil from your hair? 

“Some of my followers have a difficult time washing the oil out. I suggest they modify my pre-poo routine to find the perfect amount for their own hair. Also, they should swap out the No Poo Cleanser with something else like, Tropic Isle Living’s Strong Roots Shampoo. There’s JBCO & red pimento oil in the shampoo, but surprisingly it leaves your hair squeaky clean.”

You can find out more about Ayesha on her Instagram @spisha.

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