Wedding season is in full swing and deciding on the perfect hair ‘do is as important now as it was when you first got engaged. Figuring out what to do with you hair can be harder than it seems. We’ve put together a top 10 list to make deciding on, and achieving, your dream look one of the less stressful things that needs to be done for the big day.

  1. Decide on your dress before you pick your hairstyle: While you might think you have the perfect style picked out for your hair, it might not match the dress that you end up choosing. Having a basic idea of what you want is always a good idea, but do not set your mind to a specific ‘do until you have purchased.

  2. Find pictures of something similar: Some people are not good with describing their hairstyle they had in mind. Find pictures of things you like so you can be sure the stylist knows what you envision.

  3. Don’t assume the person who cuts your hair is the best choice: Just because they can cut your hair well does not mean they are great at up ‘dos. If you want an up ‘do or something you think your stylist might not have ever done before, do some research and find out who has a great reputation when it comes to wedding hairstyles.

  4. Test and products at least two weeks in advance: If you are using new products before your wedding, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to test them out. If you give yourself two weeks you’ll have a good idea of how your hair will respond to these products and you’ll also know if you need to change things up before the wedding.

  5. Do not wash your hair the day of: We have all been told that day-old hair works better than clean. While you might be tempted to wash your hair because having perfectly clean hair makes you feel better, don’t! Stylists say day-old hair works better for a reason! Your hair’s natural oils will help the stylists shape the hair however you want it.

  6. If you are using accessories, have extras: So many people bring the accessories that they need for their hair but they don’t think to bring extras. Your accessories could break or simply get lost in the travel to your stylist. With that said, make sure you don’t pick a hair accessory that can’t be duplicated.

  7. Have a backup plan: The weather can change in instant. Just like you need a backup plan for your venue, you also need a backup plan for your hair.

  8. Do a run through: You might have an idea of what your hair is going to look like but you cannot be sure until you have done it. This is the most import day of your life and you need to know that your hair is going to be exactly like you imagined!

  9. Changing hairstyles between the ceremony and reception: This might seem like a pain but more and more brides are doing this so they can be more relaxed during the reception. If you decide that going from a lose up ‘do to a flirty down ‘do is your style, during your run through have the stylists teach one of your bridesmaids how to assist you. You’ll be confident in the outcome and won’t have to pay extra to have the stylist stick around.

  10. Don’t forget the veil: Numerous wedding photos have great ideas but they don’t always show the veil. When looking at pictures, keep in mind that you will have a veil to add to the hairstyle. Some might cover up the top of certain styles so be on the lookout for the perfect style that will match well with your perfect veil.